H-Town’s Dino Conner Dies In Car Wreck

The Houston Chronicle reports Keven A. ‘Dino’ Conner, a force in Houston’s rhythm and blues scene, died Tuesday in an automobile accident. He was 28. Nine years after the group went national with the hit Knockin’ Da Boots and more than five years since its last release, H-Town was preparing to reunite. Those plans are now on hold after Conner’s death.

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110 thoughts on “H-Town’s Dino Conner Dies In Car Wreck

  1. young_nolan@yahoo.com says:

    It’s sad, and unfortunate that Dino, has pasted away in this way and time. But, I love H-Town and their music and long live Dino.

  2. Shunda says:

    Yes, it was really sad, I didn’t even know about Dino’s death until 2006… I was totally shocked… but he is forever in my heart and his voice flows through my ears every time I listen to H-Town’s songs

  3. EVAN says:


  4. sharon says:

    I recently found out about Dino’s death and here it is 11-8-2008. I am so very hurt about this news but Dino you will always be remembered for your music and the move you put on lovers hearts around the world with your one of a kind voice. My love goes to your family as well as your boys.

  5. monique says:

    Man I just cant believe that he’s gone his voice is just so amazing and for the music industry to lose him is crazy H-Town will never be the same with out Dino RIP we ♥ you sexy Dino with the sexy voice to match

  6. monique says:

    it hurts so bad every time I hear his voice I just get sad to even think he gone ♥ RIP Keven “Dino” Conner

  7. Hoshi says:

    It’s now 12-1-08, and I recently found out Dino died. I love H-Town especially him with his voice. also knockin da boots was made on the year I was born, 1993. RIP Dino, much love.

  8. lashuna says:

    I was in great shock when I found out that ”Dino” had passed away. I just found out last year. H-Town is and always will be my favorite r&b male group. Dino’s voice was anointed by god! raw and untrained, just a natural gift. they will be no other. I will always remember you as being one of the greatest voices in r&b. god bless Shazam and G.I. and the rest of your family forever!

  9. Miss. Thick says:

    The year he passed I was very shocked that is so tragic they were so young and full of beauty god bless the family I still have there CD I jam it all the time the songs were great and still are. My heart goes out to his brother the family and fans even though it was long ago it still hurts.

  10. tricia perkins says:

    I am so distraught to know that Dino has died, but I want his family to know that God knows best and that he will get you through this tragedy. I bid you God SPEED. Keep your Head UP, and continue to b STRONG!

  11. Sweetthang38 says:

    I can not believe Dino has passed away I was on the internet trying to find out about the group and I just found out about Dino’s passing.So sad my heart goes out to his family and his girlfriend’s family also.Best wishes.Take one day at a time!I still love H-Town no matter what!

  12. KLH says:

    I found out about Dino’s passing while reading a Rolling Stone magazine back in March 2003. At the time, I was in the Army and stationed in Kuwait. My unit was sitting in the desert, waiting for the order to go to war with Iraq. I felt like I was punched in the stomach and out of breath when I read the short article about the accident. I read it over and over for a couple of minutes because I just couldn’t believe it. H-TOWN’s music reminds me so much of my childhood, and listening to their music brings back so many good memories. Losing Dino is like losing a piece of my past. GOD bless the Conner family and all those affected by the loss of Keven.

  13. Joyla Cobin says:

    I am really hurt to here about Dino’s death. I just heard about it and here it is 2-24-09. Dino’s voice was amazing and will never be forgotten. Much love to his family and friends. R.I.P DINO

  14. Tony Waldrum says:

    I really can not believe that my boy Dino is gone. I just found out around December 08 that he had died. I have all their music and play them religiously. I pray that your brother and GI will continue to carry on the H-Town flavor.

  15. lavonda smith says:

    I was shocked and saddened by the passing of “Dino”. He was from the looks of it very sweet and he was extremely sexy. I give all my blessings to his family and friends who are mourning his death.

  16. chocha gurl says:

    Man that’s messed up he was the most handsome in the group I really really loved his features sexy ass Dino damn I’m hurting I never even had the chance to tell him that I seen them perform live so many times baby come back to me!

  17. NUNU says:


  18. julie says:

    It’s really sad what happen to Dino. I loved their song knockin da boots! and I send out prayers to the group and hope could found the strength to move on he is in a better place may god bless you all. R.I.P Dino

  19. sabrina says:

    It is sad but and I hope H-TOWN continues to make music and be there together so they understand that they should stick together ALL MY LOVE AND EVERYBODY ELSE’S TO DINO HIS FAMILY FRIENDS AND H-TOWN!!

  20. Mrs. Weeks says:

    Man, I will never forget the day I heard about his passing. I felt like one of my family members died because I absolutely loved everything they put out and he was always my favorite. I don’t think I have ever heard such an emotional and beautiful male voice in my life. May God continue to bless both families involved. My favorite song was Baby come back to me..I listened to it a lot when my Dad was passing of cancer. God help us all deal with the trials of life. Much Love

  21. Darcel says:

    Someone had told me a couple of years ago that he passed, but I thought it was a bad rumor going around, I wish it was. I am so sad to hear about his passing. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I love you Dino and you will be greatly missed.

  22. shanice drummond says:

    Dino was the best thing of H-Town he will always be miss in my heart I wish H-Town still come back out just don’t replace him and my prayers go out to his family and his brother much love Shanice

  23. Jasmine says:

    i just found out Dino was dead… I’ve been wondering why every thing had shouts out to Dion and you will never be forgotten. I love the whole group but its something about Dino’s voice that makes me smile… RIP and much love

  24. Kevin Savage says:

    I can remember being in the hall ways sing “knockin them boots” in high school. If you could sing that song, you were known to be a real crooner. Dino, I never knew you, but I love you because you were what R&B is missing now….”Real Singers”! My cover song will forever be “knockin them boots”!!!! R.I.P Hommie

  25. breana says:

    I just heard about his death today June 9 2009 I’m extra late but I freaking love the song Knockin the Boots and Dino was so cute he went so young and I send out prayers for his family and friends you will always be missed by me <3. RIP Dino Connor I will always miss you and love ya

  26. Krystal says:

    OMG my feelings are so hurt right now!! This is the first time I’ve heard of this. Rest in Peace sweetie and I still listen to them to this day!!

  27. Mz Apryl Nicole says:


  28. Chanel says:

    Even though its been some years since Dino’s death, it still hurts when I listen to the songs H-Town sing. May God Bless his family and friends.

    Oklahoma City, OK

  29. Saleem says:

    My family and I was very deeply saddened to hear of Mr.Keven Conner’s passing also his finance and baby.We all love the group H-Town.Keven had a very astounding beautiful voice that would brighten any moment.We all will miss his physical presence,as mentally he is still with us as his vocals and memories will never die.The young man left some very nice tracks with us.To the family always keep this beautiful spirit alive with music of Keven ,great memories and his beautiful smile.To H-Town continue the “Great” music.We all have missed you all for sometime.May peace,love,guidance and respect of the “Supreme” always be with all of the family and friends.

  30. Krystal Baker says:

    I heard about Dino death through a friend of mines because I didn’t know what happen to the wonderful group I was just wondering until my friend told me I was so sad cause H-TOWN is great and the music they put out is very real so I STILL LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT AND MY I WILL CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO THERE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ghost Ridah Muzik says:

    This man had the BEST voice in the game! RIP

  32. latasha danels says:

    Damn my best friend been telling me this for yrs and I ain’t believe her!!! I love H-Town still listen to them. Dino will be sadly missed and just to thin I wanted them to make a comeback but now gotta go find all their CD’s and stuff. I got the first one but I know they had another one damn!!! RIP Dino.

  33. Miss Lush says:

    I loved H.Town. I was in high school when Knockin Da Boots came out. I love that song. I did not know Dino had died. I found out when I was on YouTube and was looking at R&B artists who had died. I was so shocked to learn that Dino had died, very sad. He had a brilliant voice and I will miss him very much. I still listen to their music.

    R.I.P DINO

  34. josalyn, memphis tn says:

    First of all, I would like to say may GOD be with Shazam and G.I. and the entire Conner family as well as Dino’s girlfriend’s family. may they live in our hearts forever. Dino, your work here on earth was done when God called you home. He put you here to touch the lives and hearts of many with your beautiful voice. I love you and may you rest in peace. a loyal H-TOWN FAN FOREVER.

  35. Yvette says:

    I just found out last night about Dino’s death the day before H-Town is to perform her in Jackson, MS. He will be missed truly.

  36. Tiffany says:

    I went on Google to do a search on H-Town three weeks ago. I wanted to know what they were doing, I read about Dino and it said Dino and his girlfriend died in a car crash. I didn’t know that he died until three weeks ago, ,I was serving my country in 2003. I was so hurt to find out about Dino’s death, I cried when I saw the video called The Day I die and when I heard Dino’s voice I couldn’t help but to cry I love H-town and always will. My prayers go out to H-town’s family and his girlfriends family.

  37. sadie marie sims says:


  38. EJ HOLMES says:

    I was looking at YouTube videos of H-Town a couple of hours ago and I saw the emotions video and it was about Dino dying. I thought it was the theme of the video until I saw another one That mentioned Dino passing away. Then I googled it and I found out he died in a car accident. Prayers from my family to his. I grew up listening to H-Town and will always keep their music in my heart. Sad I had to hear 6years after his death. I just watched the Video called “the day I die”, very emotional.

  39. slapnutz says:

    It’s crazy man….another great talent gone to soon……..RIP

  40. Angela says:

    Can’t Describe the pain I felt when my favorite group left,love their voices and bodies .I miss you Dino with all my heart. My heart ache for his mother and twin. 3:10am Thur.29, 09

  41. Soulmynd says:

    It’s crazy how people seem to feel the same way about Dino’s voice. He had something that you can’t teach so effortless and real. The rawness in his voice that just makes you feel the emotional. Like Donny Hathaway he had that one in a Billion voice and talent . A true angel that god just had to have close to him. RIP Dino truly missed

  42. jhova says:

    Dino is truly missed by me and a host of other fans to his friends and family stay strong,RIP DINO I never got the chance to meet you but I will see you some day… god bless.

  43. cynthia R. says:

    Here it is 11/22/09, and I just found out about Dino’s passing on YouTube. He was an awesome singer,very nice voice..I get chills everytime I hear his voice..RIP DINO!!

  44. LA'TRICE says:


  45. Ms.B says:

    It’s so unfortunate that Dino is gone. He is extremely talented with a voice that just melts my heart not to mention the fact that he is oh so sexy. I was in high school when Knockin the Boots came out and have been a big fan of H-Town since then. I’m so saddened by the fact that I never had the opportunity to see H-Town perform in person. One of the things I will always regret. In my heart he will always live on in his music. I miss him so.

  46. tangie says:

    I to just learned of Dino’s death. I working and H-town music came on my yahoo music and I was wondering “where are they now” so, I did a search and just found out. Like you all I am sadden of his lost and listening to H-town reminds me of my childhood and my first love. I wish we all known of this years of ago when it happen but, unfortunately seem like none of the music channels talked about it. My heart goes out to Dino and his honey, may they rest in peace forever and hopefully they are soul mates in heaven.


  47. Aaron daniels says:

    this young man was blessed with a gift from God to sing his butt off along with of course the group H-Town he will be missed but his legacy lives on through his brother his group and the many other groups to come after H-Town. Truly H’Town has helped pave the way for the music industry.

  48. Irwin Allicock says:

    One of the BEST male voices ever. When you heard it you HAD to listen..commanded your attention. First time I heard Knockin’ Boots… that was it.. Instant H-Town Fan! Dino was the truth man… This is a GREAT LOSS!!

  49. Hmmmm says:

    According to wikipedia.com, he died of AIDS, not a car accident. Wonder what the truth is.

  50. Tiffany says:

    I just looked at little bit of the day I die video I turned it off it was sad Dino was so beautiful and had a very beautiful voice as well and on that day heaven was missing an angel and the lord came and got his angel and so you know that saying is true he only takes the best. May Dino rest in piece forever and always.

  51. randy says:

    It was sad when I heard that he died, and I will never forget his music that he put out, because it touched my heart, and his music will go on forever.

  52. Toney sanford says:

    This was a shock to me I recently found out about Dino it hit me real hard !!! I mean I didn’t take it well because H-Town was was hot !!! I loved H-Town as of now I watch H-Town videos everyday especially his last show in LA. AND H-Town music man I have it all every last song and CD and it ain’t no bootleg it’s all original and I listen to H-Town each and every day his voice is powerful and I know he every time he song there was heart in it but when I listen to The Day I die tears fall.H-Town was on it’s way to a major record deal but when Dino died I know things were put off I here that certain labels wanted to replace Dino there is no replacement Dino,GI,Shazam is H-Town we don’t want no knock offs we want H-TOWN KNOCKIN DA BOOTS this lost is devastating there will never be another !!! peace up to H-town I’m glad that they are back and I thank god that they didn’t let the record labels replace him,TO YOU DINO WITH LOVE MAN I MISS YOU BROTHER !!

  53. Reginald Willis says:

    R.i.p- Dino! he was my class-mate in my history class , him and his twin brother used to sing to the ladies as we all at Sharpstown High changed classes . I told them to do what they love , and that not to worry about them haters because they could truly sing . I went to represent them at every concert at McGregory Park, and also Herman Park. Wherever in the H-Town , it still go down because they were like my real brothers instead of my niggas. But any-way I will always talk about y’all until I die ( P.e.a.c.e ) ! ! !

  54. Marietta Clayton says:

    I just couldn’t believe it til I read it online while listening to “Knockin da Boots” and I’ve always loved H-town they had beautiful voices. I will miss Dino and it was a tragic I pray for his family. I just can’t imagine Shazam losing his twin, because I have a twin sister. But Dino’s in HEAVEN with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. May you R.I.P.

  55. ms hill says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Dino’s death he will always be in the hearts of H-Town’s listeners.

  56. Shay says:

    Why must all the good people go first!!?Damn first Aaliyah 2001 then Left Eye 2002 then Dino 2003 god may they rest in eternal peace!!!!xoxoxoxoxo

  57. Timothy M says:

    I first heard about H Town is threw my dad Jerry Walker who passed away in 1998 rest in peace dad you both deserve your wings may god bless all the families with much love RIP Dino You now with your favorite singer we still love H Town Forever.

  58. Celeste Crenshaw says:

    I will never forget the time H-Town came to Montgomery, Alabama, I had been so sick, but I heard they were coming, and my boyfriend which is now my husband knew I had crushes on both Dino, and Shazam, so much that I begged him to take me out to their concert on that thanksgiving. I remember still being sick, my boyfriend being mad as well you know, but he still took me. I stood in the cold for two hours trying to get in, and time we got to the door, they wouldn’t let us in because the place was at it’s capacity. Well the next day the guys heard about me being their biggest fan in Alabama from a girl that was a friend of my sister she told them my situation and they all signed me a get well poster I still have it, and I still love them. May my Dino rest In Peace.

  59. apollonia morris says:

    What an impact…RIP DINO…I. fell like I know you so well because you guys used to sing me to sleep…and I can honestly say that your music even as the youngin I was learned about and accepted my Emotions… and with that said really has influenced me and my passion and love for music…and a lil funny (laugh to keep from crying)….the music was the type to make you wanna hurry and grow up so that I could lay my towel out flat you know… just wanted to let you know I listen to you all the time and you always get much love in Va…

  60. Bryan says:

    Dino will be miss but not forgotten he is one of the biggest reason why I am in the works of being a singer now I can’t sing is good as he can but you can’t replace a angle voice that was here on earth.

  61. Phil says:

    It speaks volumes to the talent that Dino had that even all these years later, RnB fans pay their respects still.

    A phenomenal talent. A gifted entertainer. RIP. You’ve gone to a better place but the world is poorer for your absence.

  62. chat says:

    Dino I love you and I miss you. May GOD be with you and your girlfriend.

  63. Wesley says:

    Dino. RIP brotha. They were one of my favorite groups as I was in high school when they came out. I have sang since I was little and their music and Dino’s voice always inspired me to keep my dream alive and to just share what God blesses you with. One of my band’s is even going to be doing a cover of Knockin Da Boots, what be like them but shows how much I loved that song and the memories from it. Wanted to pay my respects and let Dino know that he is still missed. Much love to him and the rest of the H-Town family

  64. Numba one fan says:

    After all of these years I’m still in tears behind this. I feel as though I have lost a part of my life. This group was my favorite group of all times and no one could ever touch them..I know I started listening to H-Town when I was like 12 or 13 when knockin da boots came out, but I was 15 when I ended up pregnant with my first kid listening to Dino’s anointed and angelic voice. It was a one of a kind and it’s a voice that you’d never forget…it plays over and over in my mind and heart everyday. I feel like reality has taken its toll in my heart concerning Dino because he was my first celeb crush…OMG..I’m crying now…R.I.P Dino…I love you and I pray that the peace of God be with your family and your girl’s family also..they just need to know that God don’t make mistakes, but I just wish it wasn’t that soon..Ill see you again one day <3 you forever! :(

  65. Desmond says:

    Every time I listen to H-Town music that makes me feel like he is still alive. So I guess he leaves in us, his spirit never left us H-Town lovers. We are still hanging on to the beautiful music and his beautiful voice. You was an asset to the music industry bro, not just in the states but to the world at large. It has been years after his passing, but even today we’re still mourning him. May God be with your soul as we continue loving you down here.

  66. dylethat says:


  67. Antonio a-k-a Montana says:


  68. sandra says:

    it’s hard to believe that Dino died. I did not know until recently will I just found out today RIP DINO I love you. god bless your family.

  69. kimberly 27 says:

    Me and my cuzing just found out when we was YouTube my brother in-law passed and she’s gonna sing the day I died we are trying to find out what year Dino passed I think he was cute and sexy

  70. aaronmich says:

    man,life`s different without Ya boy.it`s like H MINUS TOWN where we b now.R.I.P

  71. christina says:

    So sad I just found out about Dino death now while I’m on you tube I just want to say god bless his family I still love H-Town but Dino had the voice I love you Dino R.I.P 09/1/2010.

  72. Dorian says:

    I just found out about Dino’s death?? Man it’s so sad how he left this earth at a early age.. R.I.P H-TOWN 4EVER

  73. ms yulinda says:

    I listen to H TOWN every night.There songs puts me in such a relaxing mood at night.Dino RIP my brother.God bless your family,friends,and loyal fans.We all miss and love you so much.Shazam and G.I please keep during what you guys do.Never let the dream fade away.H TOWN 4 EVER. KEEP God first and trust and no that you guys can’t be stopped.

  74. Temithe says:

    The were original. My favorite song was back seat

  75. Tierra says:

    Damn RIP to Dino and his girlfriend

  76. Faith says:

    Every time I listen to H-Town I want to cry. RIP Dino. I love the song “Pink Sky.” Every time I play it, I will be reminded of what a truly gifted and talented person the r&b music industry has lost and what is truly lacking in the r&b music of today.

  77. leterica says:

    I’m young , but H-Town is my best, one and only favorite
    group. When I found out that Dino was dead, I was shock.
    His voice was like a angel from up above. It was strong and powerful. I thank him for using it to send out messages. I listen to H-Town everyday and still can’t believe it. Keven A. Dino R.I.P. I miss you. Love you.

  78. chanel says:

    He was absolutely positively one of the hottest male vocalist I have ever had the pleasure of listening to as well as staring at! Everything just fell perfectly into place with that man. Bedroom eyes, bedroom voice, and sexy ass come get me looks! PERFECT PACKAGE! R.I.P DINO… YOU ARE MISSED

  79. april says:

    I’m thirty so H-Town was the group when I was growing up I missed them so a few years ago I searched the web and that’s when I knew of Dino’s untimely death my heart ached for his twin their family and hiss girlfriends as well through the pain and sorrow we must remember Jesus doesn’t make any mistake but H-town along wit Dino will always live on within me I listen to H-town just as much now as I did then and I swear it takes me right back to the same place and time now that’s music that’s what you call memories and that’s one thing no one can ever take from us may you always be blesses and love ya H-town your number one fan

  80. april marizette says:

    Also I forgot to mention the other member and the group give you all keep your head up and keep god first though there may be cloudy days ahead just remember that trouble don’t last always H-town has nothing to prove y’all are definitely one of the baddest group that ever done it and did it few groups have done and will ever make lasting memories as you all have once again love ya and god bless y’all and your families

  81. Shaebabe says:

    I can remember my mom blasting their music now & back then I was only eight. This music just brings back so many memories. Dino’s voice along with that body- unforgettable!! Their swag was off the radar! H-Town (I’m so addicted I’m so addicted)

  82. ice2233 says:

    This is crazy I am 33 and have been a fan of H-Town since I was just a teen and I’m just finding out that Dino has past away. None of my family knows this and they all are fans too. My prayers goes out to his family all of them I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t understand why this wasn’t publicized for all of the fans to know there r still thousands out there who don’t know about this for why is that? I love you Dino and H-Town and all of you will be forever in my prayers

  83. Gurrl1 says:

    I’m 50 years old and loved H-Town’s songs. I actually thought that young man was closer to my age. His voice is so mature. There has not been a male R&B singer whose has a voice as gifted as Dino’s. I did a search and my heart is broken. RIP Mr. Dino. You have my greatest respect. Much love to his family.

  84. jamecia says:

    See people I just found out about Kevin’s death on February the 11th 2011 it is very heart breaking because for my sweet 16 I want H-TOWN TO KNOCKIN THE BOOTS for me I say no more but I bet no one can imagine what his wife an kids are going through.

  85. Juan Bellamy says:

    I just found out that Dino from H-Town died I am so sadden about his death and his wife death. I’m sorry that he and his wife died in a car wreck now they are together forever in HEAVEN may God Bless His family in there time of bereavement. God don’t make any mistake’s he knows best. God bless and I’m going to keep you in my prayer’s The Conner Family.

  86. cheslist bryant says:

    It’s crazy how Dino died just like he portrayed n his Emotions video and for it to happen in real life is crazy….but it hurts me so deep down in my soul that Dino is gone and how he left us…Dino RIP and keep singing now as a Angel in Heaven!

  87. Dave theRnBfan ("The White Guy" lol) says:

    Dino is gone but definitely not forgotten.

    His gift of song touched a lot of lives.

    Rest in Peace, Dino.

    That song “The Day I Die” from the CD “Imitations of Life” is one of H-town’s best songs. It’s kind of eerie that (from what I’ve heard) Dino and the guys recorded it not too long before Dino’s death. I guess that was meant to be, and was a blessing from God.

    If you don’t have the CD “Imitations of Life” please get it- it may be H-Town’s best CD and is well worth buying.

    Last summer, I got to see Shazam and GI perform live in Toledo, Ohio along with Silk. It was sad when Shazam mentioned about his bro having passed.

    I guess Shazam & GI are planning to release a new album sometime in the near future.

    Dino, you live on in your music. Thank you God for H-Town’s music.

  88. Blue says:

    Jessica, he didn’t have a wife and kids. His fiance was pregnant with his baby and she also died with him at the scene.

  89. Blue says:

    Hey DavetheR&Bfan, if you watch their “Emotions” video you will see that Dino dies in an automobile accident. Also, if you have not heard “Day That I Die” I have it and would send it to you if you like.

  90. Ruby says:

    I still feel the hurt and pain from the passing of Dino. Again my prayers and thoughts are with Shazaam and his family. Dino was my favorite artist because his voice was so mature, strong, and sincere. I admired him and will always love him.

  91. Bigbaby says:

    Its 2012 I just heard about dino death. My heart aches so bad..i begin cryn since I found out.. Dino u will never be forgotten..i love u and I will truely miss u..

  92. Donetta says:

    It is now 2013 and my friend an I was listening to Married Man and I said to him, They have not done anything in years -Why? This was last month during the week of Valentines Day. I decided to do some research to find out what was going on in their life on YouTube as well as listen to that song again. I must say I did buy that CD but it seem to walk away from my belongings through the years. I was totally shocked when I heard his brother mention his death. I was hurt and sadden by that news more so because my daughter died that falling year 2004. That music brought back so many memories of the group and my daughter. We enjoyed their music together. Love for you still H-Town***RIP Dino and daughter Jo Jo (age 26) ****Hey- God only picks the most beautiful flowers for his bouquet that is how I have survived with the love of my life gone to soon. To the families**** time numbs the pain and just think of the wonderful years we had with our BELOVED.

  93. ted. oldham england says:

    it was my birthday on 4th april, so i thought let me u tube h town knocking the boots then i see rip dino i thought it was a mistake man what a shock my daughter was made listening to the ladies edition . FACT? im gutted love ther music and what a voice ,sing with gods choir now dino rip ……..ted.oldham england

  94. MAC says:

    It upset me hear that my boy Dino had passed…I was going thru H-Town’s music on YouTube when I saw the picture that said R.I.P Dino can’t lie that screwed my head up. The man was very talented and could sing his ass off you will truly be missed…Keep your head Conner Family we praying for y’all…MAC2012

  95. Tia says:

    I could not believe it,when I found out that Dino from H Town had died.My heart ached,
    and to the family, my heart and prayers go out to you He will truly be missed, and that sexy voice god has blessed him with
    There will never be another like you. RIP

  96. mistyangel says:

    I just want to say how much I love H-Town. And thank them for adding FEVER FOR MY FLAVOR…and for the EMOTIONS THAT MADE ME CRY SOME TIMES…because of H-TOWN in 2013, I am still
    KNOCKING THE BOOTS…I love you guys so much.
    Much love to Dino..shazaam..and..G.I.

  97. C. Adell says:

    Let me tell y’all this….
    If u were pleased with knocking the boots by htown and that was on his very first album and that’s the song that most people remember …then u r in for a rude awakening for the music he had composed in his 2nd, 3rd, and last CD. Dino was truly versatile with singing and playing the piano…I mean he has sung in every tune imaginable and it is bone chilling !!!
    I see why they called him Looney Toon.

    Peace to Dino and much respect to Shazam , & Gi

    Most recently ordered all 4 Htown CDs…

  98. CC says:


  99. TYJ says:

    I just finished looking at some of H-Town’s videos. Dino’s voice was so so amazing. He voice was smooth and mello. The sound that H-Town put together just made you want relax and just chill with the one you love. It’s a blessing that we have H-Town’s music because Dino blessed us with his voice. Miss you Dino.

  100. Paulette says:

    Imagine how I feel. Sad when I first heard about it and devastated now. I was so crazy about the group; however I was almost obsessed with Dino. I once caught his towel during a concert along with like 30 other women. I had to let go. I was once so close to him but God assures me he has captured the soul of such a wonderful person. See ya in Heaven Dino. Love…,TWOG

  101. Akisha Dalton says:

    When i first heard the sad news i told my best friend Demi that told me that she must have misunderstood the news I did not want to believe that. I first meet Dino and Shazam at I talent show in the Jewish community center on N. Braeswood they where singing to me because i was such a pretty girl.after the show we exchanged numbers and began a friendship I was known as a female rapper so they respected me as such. I remember Dino talking to me for hours expressing to me about there next show time and plans to make it.I will never forget the day Jodeci asked H-town to sing on the spot. that was the hook up. months later they told me about Luke records wanting to sigh them. I was so happy I will miss Dino no doubt .he will forever b in my heart. R.I.P.with sweet Memories of U

  102. Jeferson says:

    Hello ! I am Brazilian and I follow the group since 1993 , always try to see the videos of Dino Conner funeral and did not think anything you can tell me if you have videos of the funeral? if I can I pass the link no meu facebook – facebook.com/jeferson.marcelino.5

  103. Tina Faucet says:

    I am still grieving over the death of Keven Connor aka Dino. This young man had an AMAZING voice from GOD. I know he is up in heaven laughing and singing with Aaliya. He is truly being missed, because of his sexy look, smile and voice. There will never be another amazing and extrodinary man except for JESUS, that will ever touch my heart the way he has. The was so talented, and he will forever be missed. Continued blessing go out to the family and Shazam and GI. May JEHOVAH bless you all. RIP Keven Connor. One Love.

  104. Harmony says:

    I’m am soo truely hurt about Dino’s death.Today is September 24 2015 and I just found out that he died when i was looking for some H-Town music. I grow up on this music.H TOWN IS MY FAVORITE GROUP and Dino is my favorite. His voice and swag was so mature and he was soo sexy.I wonder why
    the media didnt pubicize his death because he was a major force in music.I bet alot of people still dont know he dead.I love you Dino, youll never be fogotten. Im still jamming to H town 12 years after his death and always will.RIP

  105. Harmony says:

    IT’s crazy how you can be so emotional about a person you never met.It feels like a family member passed because it soo hurtful.RIP Dino. Your sexy voice and body is forever engraved in my heart to never be forgotten.

  106. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday Dino. I’m still and always will miss you. I miss that talented voice love you always.

  107. Eleanor Bridges says:

    My heart is broken because of the loss of Dino. Seldom do you find such talent in one man. God bless the dead.

  108. Eleanor says:

    Today is November 14,2016 and in a few days it will be Dino and Shazam’s birthday. Before I go I want to wish them both a Happy Birthday.Wish Dino was here to celebrate with his twin.May Shazam and GI have the strength to carry on their endeavors. Visions in my mind it’s gonna b alright.

  109. Eleanor says:

    Still missing Dino and listening to his music. Dino you are still a young man and we will always remember you as that even 50 years from now through our kids and grandkids.Rest assured your family is being cared for by our Lord.

  110. Eleanor says:

    Dino everyday I say a little prayer for you. Wish you were here

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