Happy Responsible Father’s Day From Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

offered a conditional Happy Father’s Day to her followers on Twitter (@RealMichelleW) earlier today. The former Destiny’s Child star writes:

Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome, RESPONSIBLE fathers!! A daddy is just a sperm donor….but Father’s father and guide their children!!

If ur n a situation wher u don’t hav a fathr or even kno who he is….take the time now 2 pray & ask God 2 fix it. He’ll giv u peace abt it!

Folks r tryna challenge me! The dictionary states that a father has CONTINUOUS care of a child, man who givs protection 2 someone/something!

I thank the ultimate FATHER for fathering me!! For loving and guiding me. I’m not even worthy but you see in me what I sometimes fail 2 see!

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