Houston Talks About Eye Injury & His Campaign Against Prison Sodomy

HoodNews.info caught up with , where the ‘I Like That’ singer opened up about the eye injury he inflicted on himself in 2004, his stance against prison sodomy and man on man gang rape, and shout outs. “The record is clear,” he said, removing his sunglasses to show one glass eye. “I got an eye injury. Dealing with certain thugs. Dealing with certain gangsters. Dealing with certain mafia. I had to get out of that industry, for a second and take a breather. Because everything was clobbering down on me.” added that he didn’t like how Capitol Records was marketing him, and that ‘I Like That’ was written for him and he wanted to put out his own music. said he’s no longer on Capitol. The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Houston Talks About Eye Injury & His Campaign Against Prison Sodomy

  1. DynasTy says:

    If Houston was a target for the mafia and sh** like that it makes sense why he acted crazy, he was doing his best to get out… that’s a real soldier right there… keep it up Houston

  2. Keepin it real says:

    Man, dude is sick. You plainly see he was lying about the eye injury. Why did he wait 3 years later to say the ” Mafia” did it. He wasn’t in nothing like that. If the that was the case he would be in witness protection. HE KNOWS HE’S CRAZY! And he probably after the medication and some mental help, he realize he did some bullsh**. Sometime after the injury he performed on” Apollo”, looking bummy. He need 2 keep it real.

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