Is Beyonce Losing Her Steam?

I post that question, because it seems like more and more people are starting to doubt Destiny’s Child star ’ longevity and maybe even her talent. There is an article on here about how Beyonce and Alicia Keys did not get along on the tour. While reading the comments, I realized that some people are getting tired of the “Uhh-Ohh” Booty shake through out all her video’s & concerts. To be honest, I am in agreement, I did not like ‘Crazy In Love’ until the ass shaking took over the world.. and with Oprah’s help, Beyonce’ became an household name.. But the question is how long will that last? Right now I can say that Beyonce’ has a few fans that she can touch. But Alicia Keys has a wide range of fans that can clearly relate to ‘Fallen’, ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’.

Most people say Beyonce will have to go through something in life to make a CD that will tug at your heart, but word on the street is her acting is not all that.. and people are getting tired of the swinging of the hair and the shaking of the ass.

So my question is what do you think?

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