Is Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault Fatal To His Career?

Chris Brown is happy

Blender magazine Editor in Chief Joe Levy spoke with ‘The Early Show’ co-anchor Chris Wragge about whether ’s felony assault charges and the images of a beaten up Rihanna will sink the R&B star’s musical career. “We all know it’s not good,” Levy remarked, “and the very worst part of it is that ’s audience, his audience is young. It’s female. He sings romantic ballads, he’s wholesome, he’s clean-cut, he’s very young, he’s under 20. This is a disaster in that regard. If he’s seen as an aggressor here and, let’s face it, he is — that picture is out there, it’s impossible to forget (that if) his audience can’t relate to him as a love figure or a romantic figure, they’re going to be scared of him. The real question is, what does it do when kids read that affidavit, because they will. It’s online, (including) the most brutal parts, the most shocking parts, the most shocking parts, blood splattered across the car they were in, not just the threats, but the actual action.” Read more.

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