Is There Anyone That Just Works, For The Love Of It?

I know I’m not the only person out here, that’s getting sick of seeing stories on the same people every day. Even people that have sex with Famous or hell, semi-famous, people are becoming well known. Take this “Superhead” woman, I don’t think I can name one video off the top of my head that she’s done, yet I can name at least 4 men in the music industry that she’s slept with. Aside from knowing too much personal information about this woman, I would like to know where do we draw the line.

We have been over come with half talents over the past 3 years, and record execs try to tell us the buying public, who has talent. Then we get them put on overdrive, we see them in video’s, on countdown shows (TRL and 106 & Park), on every talk show known to man. Then if that weren’t bad enough, they have to get a product endorsement. This was once reserved for athletes. I guess anyone who wears Shoes or Perfume, and can sing or rap, now qualifies to tell me what kind of shoe’s I should buy for myself or my kids. I don’t need a singer with braids or head’s of weave telling me what type of shampoo or hair coloring to buy.

I guess I would like to know if there is anyone left in the music industry that is just about the music, I’d venture to say not, the lack of talent and over exposure we are and have been seeing, would tend to show us that there really isn’t anyone trying to make good music, it’s all about getting mo’ money, yet, they still fail to realize, the mo’ money you make, the mo’ problems you have. Excuse me if I think that not being able to hold a note, or write a song without the word “Baby” in it, is a problem. Excuse me if I think that “bringing your A game” to the table, doesn’t mean having to see your face or image every time we turn on the television or radio.

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