‘It’s Good To Be Usher’, But Don’t Rub It In David Spade’s Face

Actor and comedian David Spade was on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday where he talked about watching a show about on TV. “I saw a thing on , so I wanted to be like ,” Spade said. “Because everyone is dressing so nice these days. I don’t really dress up. I saw a show called ‘It’s Good To Be ’. It’s ridiculous. Really like — just grinding your face in ’s richness. So I watch it. They walk through ’s day. You know, he’s like at a hat store. He’s got the craziest day. He says he has a trainer for $2,000 an hour.” Spade then added, “And uses him four hours a a day. And they show him and he’s doing crunches with the guy. And I’m like, aren’t crunches free? Come on. You know, do you really need to overpay these guys? And then he’s got — he’s got — he bought some painter’s pants at the Gap for $10,000. Aren’t they like $39? Maybe he’s just an idiot. I mean, after a while, like, a $5,000 ski board. Come on. There’s a war going on, let’s not — come on, . I don’t need you to rub my face in it.”

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