J-Boog & Fizz Confront Raz B – Who Responds With Murder-Suicide Threat

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The apparent finale YouTube preview of ‘Life After ’ has been posted online, where is confronted by J-Boog and Lil Fizz – apparently over his claims against the group’s former label boss. “We had talks about being a team and we had talks about… ni**a I could kill you right now,” Boog told . “What the fu**! I can’t trust you with that again. You dig me? It’s like, tell me why I should trust you again. Don’t tell me I set you up ni**a. I told you no and you did it without me and if you was going to do it wait for the publicist to fu**in give me a statement so you wouldn’t sound illiterate ni**a, and ignorant ni**a. I said wait and you did it without me ni**a.”

Raz B’s response was bizarre and scary. “I see past all this human being sh**. If I really wanted to say – I wouldn’t give a fu** about you, you, you, you, you, you, none of these motherfu**ers,” he said. “Ni**a, we gotta eat, it’s real, we gonna die my ni**a. What if I told you ni**as I had HIV right now. What if I told you ni**as I had AIDS right now, I’m dying right now ni**a. You feel me? I don’t give a fu** about none of this sh**. I don’t give a fu** about now money, I live on the street and I set this bitch off and I walk in the bitch and I shoot every motherfu**in body and I shoot myself.” Watch the preview below.

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