J-Boog Phones Into TRL

J-Boog of phoned into MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk with guest-host Nick Cannon. The guys are in London on a promo-tour and thanked fans for support and talked about their latest video ‘Girlfriend’.

Nick Cannon: B2k is on phone!


J-Boog: Wha’ssup, wha’ssup what’s going on trl


J-Boog: Holla.

Nick Cannon: What’s the deal y’all.

Nick Cannon: What’s goin’ on nick.

Nick Cannon: Chillin’, chillin’, chillin’. They just screamin’ for y’all
in here. Y’all didn’t hear it.

J-Boog: Man, man —

Nick Cannon: That’s the problem right there the boys just ahhh.

J-Boog: Yo, man we were callin’ in man in london right now chillin’
but we wanted to call in and thank everybody you know what I mean for helpin’
us get on the countdown and we wanted to thank everybody that made that
video no. 1.

Nick Cannon: That’s wha’ssup. Make it no. 1. Congratulations on two
soul train awards recently. How did it feel to win.

J-Boog: Thanks man, it felt good, you know win another award and knowin’
our fans were there supportin’.

Nick Cannon: Thank you!

J-Boog: We wanted to thank everybody who helped us win those awards
what’s going on with you.

Nick Cannon: Chillin’, chillin’. I try to get up on your game i hear
about a “pandemonium” tour j-boogwha’ssup with that.

J-Boog: It is crazy kickin’ off in july, actually july 3rd, us headlining
— co-headlining [Inaudible] Our big brother you know in the group, all
right, man matter of fact trl right now i need y’all to do us a favor.
Can y’all do us a favor

[Talking simultaneously] Yes!

J-Boog: Man, i can’t hear y’all can you do us a favor


J-Boog: He got a song called

[Inaudible] We need everybody in the trl audience and everybody watchin’
to make that video on the countdown, make it no. 1. Can y’all do that


[Applause] Cheer.

Nick Cannon: Speaking of y’all new video “girlfriend” we call it a mini-movie
here with all types of stars and stuff will smith and everything how did
that come about?

J-Boog: Oh, man, well, you know, us — well, we have a real, real good
relationship, you know.

J-Boog: Thanks, will!

J-Boog: Thanks to will a shout out

[Inaudible] But, uh, were he have a real good friendship with them,
you know and it was built before, you know, before the video but we was
like, man we the mini-movie we had all the roles but not the cast.

Nick Cannon: Well.

J-Boog: —

[Inaudible] And called him up.

Nick Cannon: I’m sayin’ I thought we had a relationship too, though,
dogg. Y’all didn’t call me to be in the mini-movie.

J-Boog: Nick, come on you know how we get down.

Nick Cannon: Fo shur.



Nick Cannon: Definitely we’ll make things happen. You takin’ it to the
next level doin’ movies and things makin’ it happen.

J-Boog: Tryin’ to be like you, nick you know what i mean, tryin’ to
be like you.

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