J. Holiday Checks In

posted the following bulletin to fans on his MySpace (@jholiday) on Wednesday (August 1):

What’s poppin on this myspace thing? It’s the one and only yours truely. I’m just checkin in. I know a lot of people thought I disowned my MySpace page. But I didn’t, I’m still here on the grind. Makin new friends, gaining new fans, and pissin off more haters. With that said I wanna say that I’m tired of these crabs in a bucket. Niggas play your role! WRITERS BE WRITERS AND ARTIST BE ARTIST. Everybody cant do everything. LOL anywho. Enough of that. I wanna say thank you to all my fans that’s been holdin me down all across America. Make sure you stay posted for concert dates and appearances. You can catch me just about anywhere. We movin up the ‘106’ chart so keep votin that video onto the countdown. All this support and love I’m gettin means a lot to me. It shows me that the media is wrong and that the fans still know what they wanna hear. Let’s bring music back! Especially R&B. As always I gotta thank 93.9Wkys and 95.5Wpgc in DC my hometown for all the support and love. Thank you for that air play. And of course V103 in ATL Reggie Rouse thanks homie. What up Boyd?

As far as what’s been goin on with me. I just been grindin on the road about to go out on tour. Stay posted for tour dates. I’m always in the studio. Hey you never know you might even get a ‘BED’ remix soon. Look out for interviews. Shout out to singersroom.com, concreteloop.com, and allhiphop.com. the support is much appreciated. The Chocolate City mixtape is now in circulation. Get at ya DJ’s in ya city to cop one. They are completely free. Before I get out of here. Let me make sure I tell y’all to flood the radio stations with calls. Let’s make this song #1. Join the movement and watch how we change the game. Big shout out to Terrance & Rocsi. 106 I’m coming for ya. BET thank you.

And last but not least a lot of folk always got something to say. But for all you bubble gum R&B artist out there right now. Ask around about the live show. We can always get on stage cut on all the lights turn off the the tracks turn up the mic and get to it. That is if you not too scared to show real artistry. MySpace I love you.

Question / Thought of the Day returning soon…

Back of My Lac the debut album by the new R&B crooner J. Holiday coming October 2nd…

Rock with me!!!

What you know about rent when it can’t get paid. You cant get a coupe so you get a Chevrolet.
-J. Holiday

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