J-Kwon Should Hop Off Of B2K And Learn His Alphabets

Contributed Anonymously:

In his new Tipsy remix where he was supposedly was trying to get back at member Omarion for stealing his beat. He says ” D here come to C to da B to A, never fall off like b2k”. When the two of the members from b2k was questioned about it on 939wkys. J-Boog stated “that was disrespectful” and Fizz stated “I have nothing to do with this and if it was me I would have ask for permission and I only use the old school music like the Stevie Wander one”.

Hmmm I just wanna know who taught J-Kwon how to say his ABCs. And for everyone who hasn’t heard the Tipsy remix yet, trust me it was a really weak diss. Something that Fizz could have done better if it was him in J-Kwon’s place. And may I not ask, When did B2K ever fall off?…They never did anyways.

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