Jaguar Wright Reacts To Barack Obama’s Victory

reacted to news Barack Obama has been elected the 44th U.S. President on her blog at MySpace (@jaguarwright). The Philadelphia R&B singer tells readers:

Last night I witnessed something that your average individual would’ve thought unfathomable as recent as ten years ago. I saw Senator Barack Obama named president elect. Don’t get me wrong, from the second I woke up November 4th, I felt a spirit of absolution fall over my consciousness. And even as I stood in line to cast my democratic vote, I felt as though my vote had been cast as far back as the day of my birth. To better explain what I’m trying to relay, you must understand; I Jaguar Wright, was born second generation after slavery. My Grandfather David Wright was born into slavery in 1900 after President Lincoln freed the slaves. My Father Norman L. Wright was born 4 years after the Great Depression in the original dirty south; the Confederate plagued Pitts, G.A. My Grandfather could never have imagined a Black President, my father has only wished for a Black President; but I, second generation Wright out of slavery, have actually witnessed it happen with my own eyes.

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