Jaicko ‘Fast Forward (FFWD)’ Lyrics Video


is out with his new single ‘Fast Forward (FFWD)’, which will appear on the Barbardian star’s major label debut, ‘Can I’, due out this summer featuring credits from Stargate, the Stereotypes, Claude Kelly and more industry heavyweights. Listen to the song via YouTube below the cut.

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2 thoughts on “Jaicko ‘Fast Forward (FFWD)’ Lyrics Video

  1. Jackie Primas says:

    Man I know not a lot of people know you are your music but just take it from me your music is banging with a capital B so just keep doing your thing and I love your song Ffwd and oh yeah every time I hear those songs they give me chills on my arms and stuff so just wanted to show you some love Bye

  2. Team Jaicko says:

    Check out the latest on jaicko! “Gentlemen Don’t Survive” #TeamJaicko youtube.com/watch?v=4aJZHznqCYA

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