Jamelia Prepares To Marry Darren Byfield After Briefly Dumping Him

Fabulous magazine caught up with , who opened up about plans to marry soccer star Darren Byfield next year after nearly ending their relationship recently. “I needed to end the relationship to find out what it would mean to be without Darren,” the singer explained. “Initially he rang me every day begging me to get back together with him. I just kept saying: ‘No’, that I needed time and space, but he kept on and on. Then he stopped calling me. Three days passed and I didn’t hear from him. I panicked. I suddenly had a vision of my life without Darren. I had to confront the idea that he was gone and that was it. Then I realized I could never be with anyone else and I would never find another man like him. When he did call, we were back on – and this time it’s forever.” Read the entire feature, which includes pictures and video, at fabulousmag.co.uk (subscription required).

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