Jamie Foxx Discusses ‘Intuition’ On ‘The Early Show’

‘The Early Show’ co-anchor Harry Smith spoke to actor/singer about his new album ‘Intuition’ and his new film with Robert Downey Jr, ‘The Soloist’. Foxx talked about how he had a variety of different flavors on the new disc and how he had to convince Timbaland that he was serious about his music, which led to a release that impressed the critics. “The reason I know the music is fly is because we were in LA, and had a listening party. We invited all the critics, and the next thing I know we had em. I said, ‘I know all of you are in the 47.5% tax bracket and livin behind your gates and all that’, but we had them acting like they were as broke as a joke… Seeing that happen I knew we had something special.” Watch the interview below.

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