Janet Jackson Picks Usher Over ‘Cocky’ Justin Timberlake

In an interview with Queensland’s The Sunday Mail, Janet Jackson was critical of her Super Bowl breast flash partner-in-crime, Justin Timberlake. “I really want to be honest about this, but I just feel that anything I say about him will be taken the wrong way,” Jackson said of the *NSYNC star. “I do think Justin is very talented and that he has a very big career ahead of him… But he seems to have changed in recent times. He’s gotten cocky. Cockiness is something that’s never impressed me. If there was a contest between Justin and, say, , would win hands down. They’re both talented. But I’ve never been fond of cockiness. Some people can handle success and some people can’t. I’m starting to wonder if (the latter) is the case with Justin. And it hurts me to say that.”

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