Jay Sean Comments On Tyler Clementi Suicide

Jay Sean

spoke with MTV News about Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committing suicide after his roommate posted a video online of Clementi and another man engaging in sexual activity. “I’ve always said technology, as amazing as it is, it’s always such a huge downfall,” Lil Wayne’s protege explained. “I believe kids have become so desensitized by technology, because everything is funny to tweet to people, it’s funny to put on YouTube. People don’t respect privacy or space. When I heard about [Clementi] I was really upset. Because celebrities suffer from it, too. There used to be a time if you were performing and fell on stage, it would be heartbreaking. Now it’s captured on YouTube and the world sees it forever. You can’t put a foot wrong. We’re all only human beings — we’re not perfect.” Read more, including comments from Alicia Keys, at MTV.com.

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