Jazmine Sullivan Tries Not To Be “The Angry Chick” On ‘Love Me Back’

Jazmine Sullivan sitting

sat down with Kevin and Makael of The Skorpion Show to discuss her sophomore album ‘Love Me Back’. The R&B singer admitted she “stressed out a lot” with the album and she “put a lot of pressure on myself” with the project. “It just clicked one day,” Jazmine said. “I kind of went back to the same process that I took when I was working on the first album [‘Fearless’]. I was writing whatever was natural and just being myself and being honest. So once I did that, everything started to just happen.”

Jazmine added that “this time I didn’t want to be known as the angry chick who wrote those type of songs, so I wanted to include songs that were loving and showed love and relationships in a positive way.”

Watch the 18 minute interview via YouTube below.

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