Jazmine Sullivan Vows She’s Gonna Figure Out Men Someday

Jazmine Sullivan wearing a hoodie

Andpop recently caught up with during a visit to Toronto, where the R&B singer talked about how she started in music singing in her church, doing some songwriting in her teens, loving writing just as much as singing, still considering herself “on the verge”, not getting much rest on the road, being excited about the new album she’s working on, and more.

Asked about what she writes about, Jazmine said, “Mostly love or trying to find it or lack thereof. That’s pretty much the premise of my life right now, or then to right now, trying to figure out who I am. Man, I’m trying to figure you (men) out. I’m gonna get it one of these days. You wait, that album is just gonna be an album of understanding of men. I’m gonna have it.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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