Jennifer Hudson’s Sister Julia Writes About Family Tragedy

’s sister Julia updated the ‘About Me’ section of her MySpace (@jalialimon) following the death of her mother, brother, and son Julian King. The section reads as follows:

Let’s see I’m 29 years old I have one child and I’m always bored, I love to have fun even start a little s*** here and there. I have two younger siblings my sister is Jennifer Hudson. Yes, the Jennifer Hudson and my brother is Jason.

I guess it’s time to update this. When I started my MySpace all of the above was true, now because I chose to do what was natural to me and love someone, it cost me my beautiful family my wonderful beautiful loving supporting mother Darnell, my true blue baby brother Jason, I love u big baby … and last but never not least my only son Julian, my innocent baby one that was sheltered from all the evil in the world because we loved him so much… but thank you all for your loving support, I know some of y’all have your opinions and you are entitled to that, like why is she logging on to MySpace at a time like this, let me tell you why. I was hoping that, that was a way to maybe help me get my son, my baby the one I carried under my heart for 8 1/2 months the son it took me 21 hours of labor to bring here. The son I grew to know and love for just a few months over 7 years that’s why … and now for those of you who actually cared thank you for all your words of encouragement, thank you for your prayers, thank you for posting his picture on your pages as your default picture thank you… but his lil soul is at ease, I take comfort in knowing that Julian is with my mother and my brother and most of all the lord and now he’s my angel he’s protecting me…

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