Jeremih: ‘Birthday Sex’ Was Originally Gonna Be ‘Birthday Text’ sat down with , who talked about his hit ‘Birthday Sex’, his upcoming album ‘Jeremih’, who he would have birthday sex with, and more. “It was actually gonna be ‘Birthday Text’,” he explained. “While writing it, I heard the beat, I’m like ‘Man, why not just let it be said’. It just so happened I was able to write it without being as vulgar as the title might sound.” Watch via YouTube below.

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4 thoughts on “Jeremih: ‘Birthday Sex’ Was Originally Gonna Be ‘Birthday Text’

  1. Tierra says:

    Jeremih, I love yo.. I believe that I’m one of your biggest fans, the name may sound familiar Mz_Felton from MySpace and I met you at X-Fest and my friend and I followed you off stage and you gave us autographs and you actually touched me…that is something I will NEVER forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna meet you so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. helen says:

    Hey sexy I really love Jeremih hes so fit and his music is wicked. Jeremih do you want birthday sex? ME & You?

  3. Ellie-May says:

    I think Jeremih is so cool I really like his songs. He has such a great voice. I can’t wait to see him if he does a tour in the UK. If he called the song birthday text it would of sounded really weird. Till this I day I find it embarrassing to play this song while my parents are listening. Lol
    Jeremih is Awesome.!!

  4. Latoya Campbell says:

    This song was originally entitled Birthday Sex, as the original writer of the song wrote, Cinque Smith, who in fact wrote other hits for main stream artists as well. Its sad that his songs were sold without his consent but the do just is coming to his favor!!!!!!!!!!!!

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