Jeremih Discusses Kat Stacks, Nicki Minaj & Ray J

Jeremih in San Francisco

Wild 94.9’s Nessa interviewed ahead of his performance on March 24th for the 2011 Girls Night Out at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. talked about his relationships, Nicki Minaj gossip, a rumored Ray J Beef and what was up with him and Kat Stacks on Twitter. “She chopped some words together and made it look like I was trying to come at her,” said of the Kat Stacks gossip. “Now I feel sorry for Soulja Boy… Why would I even be with anyone like her?” Watch via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Jeremih Discusses Kat Stacks, Nicki Minaj & Ray J

  1. Nicole says:

    wow really he’s single …………… You are kidding right? Last I knew he had a girlfriend as of this month and it was my best friend ……… seriously, wow…. hmm that’s interesting

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