Jody Watley Reacts To Eartha Kitt’s Death

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jodywatley) on Friday (December 26), commenting on the passing of Eartha Kitt, who died of colon cancer on Thursday at the age of 81. Watley tells readers:

Eartha Kitt.

Rest in Peace to a true legend.

I had the opportunity to meet Eartha Kitt in 1998 while promoting ‘Flower’ on the Rupaul Show. I could sense she was quite shy off stage, which I could relate to. She was at ease with me once she knew I wasn’t one of these ingenues that don’t know their history! I gave her great respect and admiration as an artist who paved a path overcoming many obstacles, during an era where it wasn’t easy to be a black performer to begin with. She was even blackballed from working for several years in Hollywood, after speaking her mind about her opposing views of the Vienam War.

As strong and resilient as ever, Eartha Kitt continued to perform,even at 81. Eartha Kitt was as elegant and unique as always.

I hope the powers that be won’t miscast and marginalize her amazing life and career when they make the movie.

Thank You Eartha Kitt for always being you.

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