John Legend Brings Up The MJ White Skin & White Kids Issue

checked in with fans on his Twitter (@johnlegend) earlier this evening, bringing up a sensitive topic about the late Michael Jackson after reading about an apparent case of racial discrimination at a swim club in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. The R&B singer writes:

read this. sad.

I wonder what young black kids are thinking now as we glorify MJ who went through such lengths to change his complexion and have white kids

interesting to think about in the context of the comments about the complexion of the kids at the pool.

Just to be clear, I’m very much an MJ fan and I believe he should be celebrated. Just acknowledging that there were some troubling and sad aspects of his life that should at least be thought-provoking to us.

Ok, enough “deep thoughts” for tonight. Hope I didn’t offend w/ the MJ thoughts. I truly appreciate and respect him as an artist…

And my comments were in no way meant as a diss to him. Just looking at bigger questions that came to mind with the Philly incident

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9 thoughts on “John Legend Brings Up The MJ White Skin & White Kids Issue

  1. nikki says:

    John Legend needs to fall back. He doesn’t mean to offend fans or speak badly of Michael, but he doesn’t even have the respect to just be quiet FOR NOW. You are entitled to your opinion, but damn, your non-singing cowardly lion sounding self wouldn’t have even had a chance were it not for Michael. Yes, he had a lot of issues , but WHO doesn’t? Especially having been under a microscope that the ENTIRE world is looking through your entire life!!!!! I think Michael handled it well UNTIL people who wanted to bring him down used his weaknesses and what he loved most against him. And yes, there were those against Michael because he was a true visionary and smart businessman that some folks weren’t to happy about. I truly believe Michael had vitiligo and underwent depigmentation to even out the color. As for the kids…who knows? Do I understand? No, but I really don’t feel it’s that deep. He loved them and took care of them. Instead of questioning his loyalty to his culture why don’t you instead really delve into what troubling issues that may have affected him emotionally, mentally, spiritually throughout his life. John Legend’s comments are disrespectful to THE MAN and obviously he doesn’t have an intimate insider’s view into the situation. He totally insinuated Michael hated himself and his culture and is not worthy of being looked up to. Bye John, because your surname will only be that…a name. MICHAEL is a LEGEND in its true essence

  2. Jenifer says:

    your response was so responsible and wonderful that I don’t know that any of us could even top the way you put your message. You are absolutely right. If we are all honest with ourselves, we are all battling something be it internally or externally. MJ’s music was the best. my daughter is 6 years old and ever since he died she’s been emulating his singing and dance moves. she loves him. He did this when he was alive to generations of people. This was not the right time nor the proper way to express this thought from john legend. At the end of the day MJ was a human being, his family is still suffering. I pray for them both comfort and peace and for them to please ignore the ignorance of john legend and his misguided attempt to disrespect the deceased.

  3. stephanie says:

    John just said what most black folks were saying about Mike before he died. What’s the issue?

    I bet anyone money that had Legend mentioned this a week prior to Mike’s death black folks would’ve been co-signing every word out of his mouth.

    But of course, now that the man is dead and the media exalting the man to near God-like status…those comments are taboo. Now it’s ‘Don’t judge’ and ‘Look at the Man in the mirror’ and all this other nonsense. You just know that they learned that song a day ago!

    Now BET wants to host tributes when the same MF’ers crying made up the bulk who were talking the most crap. How many comedians out there roasted Mike? MANY! How many laughed at the jokes? Many more.
    NOW everyone in the public wants to act like they’re such huge fans of the guy….and always were.

    Now that’s disrespectful. Because half the people you see running around jumping to his defense wouldn’t have done so a month ago! But this is to be expected.

    The bulk of the American public is mindless. This media tells them what to think and how to feel.

    Silence would have been better, but — if anything, I respect John Legend for not lying, bullsh**ting or fronting like the rest.

    Black folks always wanna get selective amnesia where these celebs are concerned. Look at R. Kelly’s weird a***. If that fool lived in their neighborhood and did that to their daughter they’d string him up. But naw — it’s Robert Kelly. Let it ride.
    I liked ‘Chocolate Factory’ too — but it is what it is.
    Sad thing is that people actually blamed the young girls. A 15 yr old girl over a grown a** man.

    So, MJ had a skin condition and underwent treatment to alter his skin color? Yeah, ok — just like Toya and Lil Kim, huh? They must have similar nasal conditions that require them to have multiple surgeries, as well.
    Are y’all not sighted? Are you not capable of compare and contrast w/his unaltered siblings, old pics, etc…?

    But it’s whatever. Just saying that this rationale hardly makes sense and without proof (as opposed to strong feelings and hearsay)…if it walks like a duck —

    …and so on and so forth.

    Michael was a freak. Period. This doesn’t take away from his gift — but, again…it is what it is…
    I see no reason to think that MJ suffered from anything other than a color complex.
    It’s all speculation, including the opinions I see expressed here. Y’all are no more correct than the next person.

  4. annoymous says:

    You are all ignorant! Michael Jackson didn’t have “white kids”. His older son has vitiligo. His daughter has MICHAEL’S EXACT CHIN STRUCTURE AND TEETH! Blanket has his eyes and mannerisms. Michael Jackson was NOT a freak. He just came across as awkward because he’s been famous all his life. Also he had a disease that caused him to be white. & hell yes he used cream for his skin. Want to know why? Because HE DIDN’T WANT BLOTCHES BECAUSE HE KNEW ALL YOU IGNORANT FOOLS WOULD SAY “LOL HE LOOKS LIKE A SPOTTED ANIMAL”.

  5. Laura Burt says:

    Old article, but I just saw the date of it so thought I’d make a point.
    Mr Legend, now that the autopsy is all done and the findings released, and it has been PROVEN that MJ did IN FACT suffer from VITILIGO AS HE HAD SAID FOR NEARLY 20YRS PRIOR TO HIS DEATH, how do you feel?
    Are you planning to apologise, or will you just slope away and hope that these cruel words are forgotten?

  6. Gemma says:

    John Lennon’s comment was ignorant and unnecessary. He could have kept it to himself. How would he respond to people if they said little black girls and black women shouldn’t like his music or celebrate him because his wife is not black? Don’t cast stones from a glass house!

    It never ceases to amaze me what people really thought of MJ after he died and after they met him. They smile and cheese in his face meanwhile hold these ignorant thoughts about him. I would have loved to meet Michael and wouldn’t bash him after he died or spew non-sense.

    It was confirmed in Michael’s autopsy that he indeed had Vitiligo. He also had Discoid Lupus! Poor man couldn’t catch a break from the media and from ignorant people in the limelight like John Lennon who have millions of fans who follow him.

    Michael Jackson was the most lied on, mocked, ridiculed celebrity EVER! He was the biggest celebrity in the world and the biggest target for pure non-sense. Also, people forget that the kids mother is white. Not just white, but really white – extremely fair skin with blonde hair and blue eyes of Jewish descent (Rowe is a Jewish surname). I don’t think people really know how many passable black biracial children they are – Rashida Jones, Blake Griffin, Minnie Riperton’s Daughter, and of course the Jackson kids etc just to name a few.

    There was even a report back then that said MJ subjected Debbie Rowe to a a paternity test before claiming them as his kids! MJ also comes from a mixed race background with Native American and white ancestry. His father’s uncle looks white! Plus the Jackson’s always had that “swirlish” look to them so of course Michael has children with a white woman they’re going to come out extremely fair skinned. Like someone else said Paris has Michael’s teeth and jawline.

  7. Melanie says:

    World Vitiligo Day is June 25th. Coincidence? I think not. His autopsy report confirmed he had it.

  8. debra says:

    i get so tired of running across this nonsense when all it takes is a little research you would then know the man 0nly lightened the dark patches on his skin ,he talked about this in 1993 , John Legend get a life!!!

    Im not even commenting on the bigoted crap about his kids.

  9. Big D says:

    I think John Legend was just saying what a lot of us were thinking about M.J.. However, Michael was the greatest entertainer ever with a kind heart and a voice like no other.

    What I will say is that he was a man who experienced a lot of pain, ridicule and hurt. White America and big business will brain wash most people unfortunately. My opinion, I think Michael just wanted to look more European. He was a handsome man both ways, but I do think that he over did it with his complexion and his nose surgeries. He should have stopped after the video and album BAD.

    As far as the kids, I don’t think they are from his seed or body and that is a shame. I also believe that MJ knows what African Americans go through in this world filled with evil people so he did not want to have children with African American features. Not that anything is wrong with being African American, but there are evil people in this world we live in. Face it, being like skinned is in.

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