John Legend On The Financial Crisis Impact On Music

spoke with the Wall Street Journal Digital Network about his new album ‘Evolver’. John talked about how his music has changed on this album with electronic and uptempo sounds on the disc, what he thinks about artists – including himself – making albums available for streaming for free, his three year stint at Boston Consulting Group, and how the global financial crisis might impact the music business. “Well there’s different streams of thought,” Legend said. “One is that everyone’s wallet is gonna be challenged. They’re gonna be challenged to pay the bills, pay the rent, pay the mortgage. And so, in a recession when unemployment is going up and people are a little bit more concerned, their confidence goes down as consumers. There’s gonna be some concern. But on the other hand, $10 to buy an album that can make you feel better in tough times might be worth the purchase for a lot of people.” Watch the interview below.

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