John Legend Pens A Song Dedicated To Jim Tressel

checked in with his Twitter followers (@johnlegend) on Tuesday (May 31), reacting to the resignation of Ohio State coach Jim Tressel in wake of several current and former football players trading memorabilia for tattoos, violating NCAA rules. The R&B singer also annoyed his girlfriend Christine Teigen with his Tweets on the subject, since the Ohio native didn’t attend OSU, instead graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. John and Chrissy write:

John: Writing a song called “lie to me.” This is dedicated to Jim Tressel. #GoBuckeyes.

John: Song is about how sometimes you’d rather just hear a lie cuz the truth hurts.

John: I realize i won’t be the first one to write about this. Nothing new under the sun. Just gotta flip it in a new way

John: re: ohio state scandal, this story and most others in college sports revolve around players wanting to be paid for creating serious value

John: i think the whole system is broken and encourages rule-breaking. the unlucky ones get caught.

John: i don’t blame the ncaa for enforcing the current rules. but rules can be changed.

John: What’s inherently immoral about a kid cashing in on his celebrity to get a discount on a car? real celebrities get to do that all the time.

John: what’s inherently immoral about a kid selling his ring that he earned so he can get some spending money? if that’s immoral, then schools & coaches should give up their millions too.

Christine: uhhh @johnlegend is doing more ranting on twitter than I have ever heard him do, ever. that guy sure bleeds some OSU blood. weirdo… you would think he went there.

Christine: want to piss him off? say you also went to penn state. or that you can’t believe he went to penn state. anything about penn state, really.

John: @chrissyteigen I will convert you sooner or later

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