Police stopped in front of Bardot Nightclub in Hollywood on Thursday night (September 17). Watch Hollywood.tv footage of the incident at YouTube. Afterwards, the R&B singer told his Twitter followers (@johnlegend):

Just got a ticket from LAPD for not having my lights on. Valet sabotaged me!

I never ever say “do u know who I am?” I figure it’s already too late for that. If they knew, I wouldn’t need to ask.

Didn’t notice becuz the dashboard lites were on and usually I have my headlights on “auto” so they come on w the car. Valet turned them off

Oh well! More money for the California state treasury. I guess they need it

@veritas__ oh yeah, some paparazzi and TMZ types got me. Why you think I’m tweeting about it? I wanna get my side of the story out first! :-)

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