John Legend Pulled Over In Hollywood, Blames Valet

Police stopped in front of Bardot Nightclub in Hollywood on Thursday night (September 17). Watch footage of the incident at YouTube. Afterwards, the R&B singer told his Twitter followers (@johnlegend):

Just got a ticket from LAPD for not having my lights on. Valet sabotaged me!

I never ever say “do u know who I am?” I figure it’s already too late for that. If they knew, I wouldn’t need to ask.

Didn’t notice becuz the dashboard lites were on and usually I have my headlights on “auto” so they come on w the car. Valet turned them off

Oh well! More money for the California state treasury. I guess they need it

@veritas__ oh yeah, some paparazzi and TMZ types got me. Why you think I’m tweeting about it? I wanna get my side of the story out first! :-)

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