John Legend Rejects Obama ‘Celebrity’ Talk

Celebrities are expected to turn up in full force for Barack Obama’s nomination acceptance speech in Denver tonight. ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Maria Menounos spoke with some, including . “He’s not a rock star,” Legend said. “He’s a politician. He’s a leader, and he’s gonna be the next president.”

Asked about republicans who have been trying to label Obama a star, Legend said, “You know, basically what they’re saying is a lot of people want to go hear him speak. Which is ‘awful’, you know that a politician would speak and people would actually want to go hear him. Then, McCain is comparing it to audiences who come to see him, and obviously not a lot of people are going to see him. They’re trying to take a strength of Barack’s and make it a weakness. Make it seems like he’s empty. He’s Britney. He’s a constitutional law professor, turned community activist, turned lawyer, turned state senator, turned U.S. senator and now he’s the Democratic candidate for president. And people compare his credentials with Paris Hilton or Britney Spears… I think there’s a significant difference between them. So I think the comparison was silly. But he got a lot of attention for it and I think that’s what McCain wants. A lot of attention for a silly ad.” Watch the segment below.

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