John Legend Talks About New Album & Supporting Obama

CNN’s Shanon Cook talked to singer about his new album ‘Evolver’ and his support for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Talking about the sound of the disc, Legend said, “The overall feel of the album is more uptempo. Some of the sounds are different on this album. It has just more of a heavy electronic feel.”

As for what prompted John to get into politics, he responded, “I’ve always followed politics and I think politics is everybody’s business because we’re electing somebody who is going to make very important decisions that affect all of our lives. So I’ve chosen to support someone I believe is the best candidate, who will be the best candidate for America and the rest of the world. Because I support him and because I’m passionate enough in my belief that he’s the right person, I’ve done specific things to help him get elected, like helping him raise money and helping to get out the vote.” As for potential backlash, Legend says, “I get the sense that most of my fans are Obama supporters.” Video of the interview at has since been removed.

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