John Legend Wins Best Male R&B Performance Grammy

won the Grammy for Best Male R&B Performance for ‘Ordinary People’ on Wednesday night. “This song, is very special to me,” Legend said. “This is the only song I wrote after I got signed to Sony, so we had the whole album done and I just happened to go in the studio with Will to write with the Black Eyed Peas and we just came up with the song. And I thought I was going to write a hook for them and I go, you have to let me keep this one. I’m glad I kept it. Cause they got enough hits. I’m really excited about this song. This is a song that didn’t sound like anything else on R&B and radio, we put it on radio with no drums and no other instruments. I want to thank my label for believing in that, Sony, Lisa, KP, Michelle, everybody. I want to thank Good Music. Thank you, Kanye for making a good video. I want to thank the fans and all the people at radio that believed in what we were doing. It didn’t sound like anything else. Thank you very much. Peace!”

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