Joi Talks Bisexuality & Postpartum Depression

Karu F. Daniels of spoke with Joi about her recent admission to having bisexual experiences. The neo-soul singer said, “That’s not recent. That’s very old news and I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m bisexual. I’ve had some bisexual experiences in the past. I’m a heterosexual woman, but I have been known to sleep with a woman before.” As for her bout with Postpartum Depression, Joi had timely comments saying, “That Andrea Yates sh**, that sh** is for real. That woman down there in Texas, I know she loved her kids, but she was psychotic. It can be gotten through, though. By informing yourself with what’s going on with yourself is the first half of the battle. If you get knowledgeable about it, you can overcome it. That’s what I did. I just tried to get as much information as possible about it and I moved on from there.”

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