Joss Stone Checks In Before Live Earth Gig

posted the following message to fans on her blog at Myspace on Friday (July 6):

hey everyone!

I’m now in South Africa after being in Devon for 3 days! nice.

it was beyond lovely to just be home for a bit see my mum and my brothers the eldest is having a baby soon with new wifey, so all is well in sunny England.

I’m in Africa for the live earth concert, it gonna be amazing to watch just from a pure music point of view but also because i think its really gonna help us all. this isn’t a charity that is just direct to a certain group of people this is to save the earth which in turn saves us, because apparently so I’m learning we are the ones killing it . every single last one of us, We don’t have to completely change how we live we just have to be More thoughtful, simple things like turning off the lights when u leave a room , not leaving the tap running, recycling ur rubbish , and hey if you’ve got a spare couple minutes go plant a tree .

gone are the days when u could say “its all a myth global warming is bollocks! we’ll be fine” because now we have the proof we can see it right before our eyes the planet that we are living on is slowly going become difficult and one day maybe impossible to live on if we don’t look after it.

i say if u are able to, then there’s no reason not to help fix something or someone that is broken.

so I’m trying.

anyway… so if anyone plants a tree i would love to see them and I’ll put up a pic in a couple days of my own tree.

peace and love x

joss xxxx

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