Joss Stone Sad By Obsession With Her Race

There are two other things is tired of: being described as sounding like a black soul singer from the ’60s and being asked why she’s singing soul. The obsession with race, she says, “makes me sad.” She tells Errol Nazareth of the Toronto Eye: “I remember one of my first interviews with a record company. This guy sits me down and says, ‘I’ll tell you one thing: I would never sign a white girl with a black girl’s voice.’ I said to myself, ‘You brought me here to tell me that?’ That was weird for me ’cause I was little and I didn’t understand why he said that. I didn’t think I had a black voice or a white voice. I have a voice. How can you put color to a voice? I think it’s pretty stupid to label a certain type of music with a color. It’s not black music, it’s music, it’s soul.”

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