Joss Stone Visits Kyle And Jackie O.

visited Austereo’s Kyle and Jackie O. on April 3rd, where she talked about growing up in the spotlight, making the record she wanted, and what it’s like to have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as fan. Listen to the interview at (part1 / part2).

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One thought on “Joss Stone Visits Kyle And Jackie O.

  1. Grahim Gilbert says:

    I’ve lived in 11 major countries, and I am passionate about radio. This is the worst radio station, I must admit, in the whole wide world I’ve ever come across.
    The lady host admits having sex at the age of thirteen on air. Nice example being set for our young kids and coming generations.
    The male host has no control over his mouth, and usually poo comes out when he speaks.
    I really hope there is at least one person, not full of sh** at the Australian Media & Broadcasting Authority who takes appropriate action, making this an example for others to learn from, as a good lesson.
    Shame on The Australian Media & Broadcasting Authority to still let this be on air. UNBELIEVABLE.
    Grahim Gilbert – NSW

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