Karrine Steffans’ ‘Tricky Situation’ With Bobby Brown

Karrine Steffans spoke with The New York Daily News about reports she and are an item and Whitney Houston has kicked her hubby out because of the circumstance. “It’s a really tricky situation,” she said as she test-drove a Mercedes SLK 280. “He is my dearest friend. But I’m not saying it’s romantic. We won’t know what it is till we’re ready. There’s a wife and children involved. I don’t want to wreck any marriages. But if a marriage is already wrecked, that’s not my fault.” Asked if she and Bobby have been intimate, the formerly self-professed “coke whore” responded, “It’s none of your business. I’m still celibate. And if you believe that, I’ll tell you another one.” The full article at nydailynews.com has since been removed or relocated.

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