Katrina Can’t Kill New Orleans Duo’s Dream

The Louisiana Weekly caught up with Luke & Q, where the duo talked about how they were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Q was home in New Orleans the day before Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. “When we found out the hurricane was coming, my family and I evacuated to Houston,” he recalled. “From Houston, I took a flight to L.A., which is where I was living. We would go home and visit at least once a month. Our business was out in L.A., but we would go home all the time. So I was actually down there and had to evacuate.” Luke was in California when the storm hit, but says he still felt anxiety as the storm approached because his mother and other family members were still in New Orleans. “I made sure my mother left,” he said. “I said, ‘I said, ‘Don’t be like them people in the movies, waiting until the thing comes and then try to leave.’ I made sure she got out.” The full story at louisianaweekly.com has since been removed.

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