Kedar Massenburg Gloats About India.Arie Success

Hits Daily Double spoke with Motown Records CEO/President Kedar Massenburg who talked about the success of his discovery, . The hardly humble Massenburg said, “I own the trademark to ‘neo-soul,’ as well as ‘neo-classic soul,'” and later said of Arie’s disc, “I sequenced the whole album.” Meanwhile, Kedar took a shot at Clive Davis saying, “You know, it is well-deserved. If you listen to [’s] album, pound for pound, she’s got the best R&B/Soul record out there. If you listen to the lyrical content vs. some other artists that I won’t name, you will see. I don’t have the magnitude [of fame] that other executives might have, but hey, they’re only 30 years my senior… I have a couple more years to go!”

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