Keke Wyatt Indicted In Her Husband’s Stabbing

Keke Wyatt was indicted Monday on assault charges for allegedly stabbing her husband and manager Rahmat Morton with a steak knife on Christmas Day. The singer could get 10 to 20 years if convicted. Part of the knife blade had to be removed from Morton’s back at University of Louisville Hospital, according to a police statement.

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One thought on “Keke Wyatt Indicted In Her Husband’s Stabbing

  1. Jessie says:

    I think KeKe Wyatt is a very talented and beautiful young woman. Do I think she stabbed her husband intentionally? No, I do not. I’m pretty sure if any other young woman was in the same situation she was in, they would have done the same thing. Ms.Wyatt had to protect herself. Come on now, let’s think about some things here. Let’s put Mr.Morton in Ms. Wyatt’s place, What if he stabbed her and he said he was trying to protect himself? Would you call him crazy? Or would you call her crazy? Who’s side would you be on. I mean who would be the abuser or the one doing domestic violence? Think about it. I still love Ms.Wyatt until this day. She’s a very great person and I WILL continue to listen to her music. In my heart I know she’s not like that. She’s better then that.

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