Keli Goff On Chris Brown’s “Non-Apology Apology”

Keli Goff appeared on ‘The Dylan Ratigan Show’ on Monday (March 28) to sound off on ’s “non-apology apology” following his ‘Good Morning America’ meltdown. “He has become the poster child for the ‘I’m sorry but not really’ era,” Goff said. “You see, has elevated the non-apology to an art form. At various times, he’s expressed regret for what happened or what transpired. But many of us are still waiting for him to say on the record, ‘I’m sorry that I beat up a woman, really sorry. It never should have happened. There are no excuses.’ But in the age of the non-apology apology, that’s unlikely to happen.” Watch the comments via MSN below.

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