Kelis: I’m A Moody Kind Of Dresser


AllSaints Basement Sessions: Bestival Special featured an interview with . She talked about how the UK is a “home away from home”, how a career in music wasn’t always the plan despite growing up in a musical household, getting her visual inspirations aren’t calculated and come from everything around her, wearing what she likes and what’s exciting.

“I wear what I like and I wear what’s exciting,” Kelis explained. “As a woman, especially I feel like the way that I dress, everyday kind of gives you an idea of how I’m feeling. I’m a moody kind of dresser. It all depends on the day and where I’m going and I love a theme… This is a way that I can express myself so that if you don’t know me and I walk into a room, I’m like walking art, and that’s what it should be.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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