Kelly Rowland Again Denies Nelly Dating Rumors

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere her new video for ‘Can’t Nobody’. The Destiny’s Child star says she’ll be working on her birthday coming up next Tuesday, and said if she wins a Grammy along with Nelly with ‘Dilemma’, she’ll party with Nelly — but she insists she’s not dating him. Kelly says she’s single for Valentine’s Day. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: A member of one of the world’s biggest groups well into her solo
career now with her second krid yo we’ll world premiere give it up, y’all
for kelly rowland


TRL: What ‘up, girl? Good to see you.

TRL: How are things.

Kelly: Good. Really good. Yes.

TRL: I know you’ve been actin’ and singin’ and all that b are you gettin’
a from it all?

Kelly: No. I’m not getting a break. I actually really love workin’.
I’m lovin’ workin’ right now I’m extremely busy but i love it, i love it.

TRL: Great to love what you do, for sure.

Kelly: I love every single thing what i do.

TRL: We love you doin’ your thing.

Kelly: Thank you. I try.

TRL: Say that especially because you look great in person.

Kelly: Thank you.

TRL: You look great standing here next to me but i just caught a cover
i want everyone to witness what I’m talkin’ about King magazine oh, lord
have mercy good you look especially good trere. Put that back up that was
just so good.

Kelly: Ohh.

TRL: See, you are modest, though. You are blushin’ almost.

Kelly: I am blushin’, ha-ha. Oh, my god when my mother sees that she’s
gonna be like baby, put some clothes on!

TRL: Right. But you look good. I ain’t mad at you, you know.

Kelly: Thank you.

TRL: Mom you got to understand your baby girl pubizing things.

Kelly: I was too far up this butt or worryin’ about things is this okay
she was like it looks great I had my other mother my aunt tina with me.

TRL: With the solo album do you feel sexier.

Kelly: I feel a bit more confident, you know what i mean? I think it
is so wonderful I’m so blessed with destiny’s child, the success with destiny’s
child but more of areater thing when you are buy yourself, you know, a
self-accomplishment. It is really great but i have destiny’s child to thank,
of course first ’cause if it wasn’t for destiny’s child, i wouldn’t be

TRL: No doubt, no doubt. We’ll get questions from your fans.

Kelly: Okay.

TRL: After this video, no. 3 shakira “the one”.


TRL: There goes shakira “the one” at no. 3 it was 5 yesterday. The first
day she managed to get more votes than avril congratulations to her.

Kelly: Yeah.

TRL: Kelly a bunch of people lovin’ you and wantin’ to ask you a lot
of questions.

Kelly: Thank you.

TRL: My esteemed colleagues are with them getting questions.

TRL: Esteemed everybody wants to ask you kelly I’m hangin’ out with
this gentlemen, your name.

George: George from the bronx.

TRL: What would you like to ask kelly.

George: What’s up kelly i love you and you are beautiful. I read the
king magazine i wanted to know if found a boyfriends and what are you looking
for a guy and i can have a hug.

TRL: Like 8 questions in one


TRL: Dude, you scored with kelly!

Kelly: Uhm, to answer your question, uhm I’m single right now, so, uhm

George: I’m available.

Kelly: So, maybe something might come up for valentine’s day we are
hopin’ but if you are single then i would love to be your date


TRL: Man!

TRL: He is gonna — he’ll be waitin’ for you after the show.

Kelly: George is always here. You are always here, you always supported
us and i remember your face and thank you so much.

George: You are gorgeous you are beautiful.

TRL: I love the action right here.

TRL: Damien is over here in the crowd with another fan, another question.

TRL: Hot right.

Fan: This was hot.

TRL:  What ‘up how you feelin’.

Fan: I’m okay. Hi, kelly.

Kelly: Hey, honey.

TRL: You got a question for her.

Fan: Yes. I wanted to know you are nominated for a grammy right if you
win how you gonna celebrate?

Kelly: Uhm, hopefully i can celebrate with nelly. No, no, no not like
that, y’all!

Kelly: No, like you know how you get a chance to party ’cause we did
that together, you know what I mean and I’m so grateful for the opportunity
and it was so wonderful so I’m just gonna party with, you know nelly and
my family and my friends.

Fan: He’s fun like that?

Kelly: Huh.

Fan: He’s fun like that.

Kelly: Very fun, a nice guy.

Fan: You want to go out with him.

Kelly: Huh.

Fan: You want to go out with him.

Kelly: No, no, no.

TRL: That’s really great you and nelly up for record of the year.

Kelly: Yeah, that’s huge. I was very surprised.

TRL: Another fan with another question live right now.

Robert: Wha’ssup.

TRL: I got robert here now robert you been waitin’ to your question
what’s going on.

Robert: Hello kelly.

TR: Don’t be nervous okay come on.

Robert: My name is robert from astoria queens new york, i know next
tuesday is your birthday and i wanted to knowyour plans f yourirday

Kelly: I’m going to be working my birthday no ahh, it’s all right. It’s
all right. I’ve been workin’ on my birthday I don’t know how long but we’ve
all done that the great thing you is know it is another year god has blessed
me with another year and, uhm, that’s it. That’s the only i celebrate.
I have me a little cake do a little’ afterward fi want to but i think I’ll
be chillin.

TRL: Has for your questions, y’alllly you brought the world premiere
of your new video.

Kelly: Yes.

TRL: Anything we need to about ts.

Kelly: Big boom shot the video, thank you, that i can you, thank you,
thank you beenny, i love you thank you. Thank you. A fabulous job i can’t
wait ’til everybody sees it I’m really excited a lot of the video here
is my new video “can’t nobody” world premiere!


TRL: The wor premiere of kell Rowland’s “can’t nobody” what y’all think
of that


TRL: I know they’re into it. To vote that onto the countdown you know
what do:.

TRL: Kelly thank you for stoppin’ by we appreciate it.

Kelly: Thank you for havin’ me.

TRL: “Simply deep” the album in stores now.

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