Kelly Rowland Discusses Australia Tour Postponement

Cyclone of spoke with of Destiny’s Child on the group’s last minute postponing of their Australian tour following the events of 9.11. “It really hurt us simply because we had to postpone our tour because of war, basically, and terrorism – and that’s just so horrible, you know?,” Kelly Rowlands says, her voice trembling. “It hurt us really bad, simply because we know we had a lot of fans waiting for us, and we were ready to go – honestly, we were packed, we were ready to go, we were so excited, and the fact that this happened, we were just like, ‘What?’ Now our tour’s cancelled. For us, we had to do a lot of concerts for the City of New York and for Washington DC – and those concerts were so emotional simply because a lot of people lost a lot of their family and it took a toll on us.”

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