Kelly Rowland: I Don’t Worry About Beyonce Being More Famous Than Me

Kelly Rowland has long legs caught up with for a Q&A, where they boldly asked the singer if she wished she was as famous as her Destiny’s Child bandmate . “God creates different people for a reason,” she said in response. “Everyone will have a different and unique journey and my journey will be different from Beyonce’s and her journey will be different from Michelle [Williams’] and Michelle’s will be different from everyone else’s. I don’t think about it or worry that I’m not doing this or achieving that – people do that for me!”

As for her second solo album ‘Ms Kelly’ and the issues regarding its release, Rowland admitted, “We live in a very different industry nowadays and it’s a little harder to sell records, I’m noticing. But I’m not worried at all. Everything has been wonderful with this record so far. It’s the type of album I wanted to make.” Kelly insisted that her label Columbia Records was “really supportive” through the difficulties. “It wasn’t them who wanted the album re-recorded, it was me,” Rowland revealed. “I felt like the album wasn’t ready, it was all mid-tempos and ballads and for fans who had followed me since Destiny’s Child, I would be cheating them if I didn’t put at least one up-tempo track on there – I wanted to go back in and pump that out.”

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