Kelly Rowland On The Late Late Show

Destiny’s Child star was on the Late Late Show on Tuesday night to promote her role in the box office topping ‘Freddy Vs. Jason’ and shared some behind the scenes details while shooting the film. Read on for a rough transcript.

Craig: Welcome back to the show kelly rowland.


Craig: Nice to see you again.

Kelly: Thank you, you, too.

Craig: I just noticed — put your shoes somewhere so we can see them.
Get a shot at that. Little fluffy things.

Kelly: Little fruffy.

Craig: I love it when you say it to me, get that out of the way?

Kelly: What? What do you want me to say? Hey boo.

Craig: I need that. So I know you’re a big music star. How was it filming
a movie? Was this your first one?

Kelly: It was my first one, “freddy vs. Jason.” You have to see it if
you haven’t seen the movie.

Craig: See it again.

Kelly: Yeah, see it again.

Craig: Were you as confident as you are on the music stage ?

Kelly: I was. You know what, i have to say when I first got there i
was very nervous. I actually cried.

Craig: Where?

Kelly: Right before i went inside to tape. Did the — what was that,
the rehearsal taping with robert.

Craig: Nobody saw?

Kelly: Nobody saw.

Craig: I shot “old school” and cried because my trailer was so small.
Then you got comfortable.

Kelly: I got comfortable and of course i went on the set — robert england
made this process for me so easy.

Craig: How is that?

Kelly: Because he made me feel very comfortable. Like the scene everyone
just saw now, i didn’t even know what to do with it and he was like, just
cuss me out, come for me. And I was like, ok, I’ll cuss you out and I was
saying coming up a little short. My character curses a lot and you can
only imagine how embarrassed i was at the premiere saying the f word a
hundred times. And my mom was like, you didn’t get that from me. And I’m
like, no, i didn’T. She was very surprised

craig: And i also understand you fell in love with the kraft service

Kelly: I was stuck there. Robert england gave me a scare because we
were shooting in a corn field, it was the scariest place, because when
you look behind you, you can’teeee anything. I’m sitting up there and eating
my little m&m’s, and raisins and he comes up and does this over my
shoulder and I was like, don’t do that.

Craig: Are you a fan of scary movies or are you afraid of them?

Kelly: I was afraid of going to see the movies, but i think the more
and more i grow up, the more, you know, i got over my fear.

Craig: When you saw this was it actually scary?

Kelly: It was scary. It had the whole theater jumping at certain moments,
it was so intense.

Craig: Did you square yourself?

Kelly: I squared myself.

Craig: You can’t say if you last the whole movie.

Kelly: I cannot say.

Craig: Because they knock people off all the time.

Kelly: They knock african-american people off.

Craig: They say that.

Kelly: We don’t last five minutes sometimes in movies. But I know —

craig: I guarantee you — i haven’t seen it yet. I will this weekend.
You’re in there for the whole — you have to. You’re kelly rowland for
crying out loud.

Kelly: No, you know what, the director actually says, kelly, he says,
you know, if i don’t let you last longer than five minutes —

craig: Where is he from, orange county?

Kelly: No, from china. He’s over in asia. That’s so mean.

Craig: They don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re just oohing
for 2340 robe.

Kelly: They basically said the fans would be mad.

Craig: Here is the thing, can you do a good scary movie scream?

Kelly: My scream is terrible. I’m sure they had to add an effect to
my screen.

Craig: You have pipes, you’re a singer.

Kelly: You’re not supposed to use your screaming pipes. You hear jennifer
love hewitt. I say ah. You don’t want to damage anything. When I scream
I was like ahh. It was the worst.

Craig: That sounds all right.

Kelly: That’s a mess. It is ms.

Craig: I like that you can’t — from down here because you’re a pro.

Kelly: My vocal cords was like, make sure it’s from your stomach. You
have to make sure it’ from your stomach. Ahh.

Craig: So they tell me, we know you like the candy and m&m’S. Last
thanksgiving you decided to cook?

Kelly: I cook now. But my turkey was about as dry as — i don’t know.
It was bad. And everything else was good, like my macaroni and cheese,
my candied yams, my greens. I’m a southern girl so i have to learn how
to cook. My turkey was a mess.

Craig: The good news, if the other things were ok, turkey is tough.
You have to look at that little thing and make sure —

Kelly: I should have brought turkey in little package and said, here,
now eat. I just wanted to try something. It was my first time. I’m like,
what the heck.

Craig: I admire you, you’re only a kid, like 22?

Kelly: 22.

Craig: And youeerying to cook now. Because it is a lost art for some
of these people, some of these gals.

Kelly: In the south you have to know how to cook. That’s one of the
things — what did my mom say?

Craig: She didn’t use the f word, but what did she say?

Kelly: She said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So
she says to cook for him.

Craig: That’s good. We’re going to come back and play “five questions”.

Kelly: O god.

Craig: We’re back with kelly rowland. How is your dog, by the way?

Kelly: Mocha is fine. She had to go to the vet today because her breath
is unusually foul.

Craig: Doing do that sometimes. Don’t you give her the doggie bones?

Kelly: It does not help, craig.

Craig: She’s not eating her cooking, is she?

Kelly: Hey, you guys weren’t supposed to say oh today. It is a mess.
You know those list reason things? They have those for dogs. I put it on
her tongue and she’s going crazy. She liked it so I’m ok.

Craig: Time for “five questions.” This is your first time. Slightly
nervous playing “five questions.” Geography. You’re from atlanta. True
or false, there is a kelly, georgia, and a rowland, georgia, true or false?

Kelly: False.

Craig: That’s actually true.

Kelly: No freaking way.

Craig: Freaking way. Yeah. According to the internet, what was your
exact screen credit for the 1999 film, “behalferlihood.”

Kelly: My screen credit? If you look it up, it’s something you played.
It’s something really insignificant. Insignificant destiny’s child blooper,

Craig: Girl number —

Kelly: Two.

Craig: We’ll accept that. You probably don’t remember “match game,”
blank something.

Kelly: No.

Craig: Fill in the blank. Blank, blank, blank, raw hide.

Kelly: Can somebody help me?

Craig: No help from the audience. You don’t remember the old show, blank,
blank, blank raw hide. It’s a song.

Kelly: No. Rollin, rollin. You should have given me a clue, like say
your last name.

Craig: This paper bag contains a piece of fruit. Without opening the
bag, identify.

Kelly: A mango.

Craig: Why would you say that?

Kelly: Because i love mangos.

Craig: Ladies and gentlemen, that is correct. And finally, you’re doing
very well.

Kelly: Yeah, two. 2- 5.

Craig: 10 seconds on the cckck. Name four shades of green in 10 seconds.

Kelly: Kelly, lime, forest green, and like that green from the ocean,
like a turquoise green, sea green.

Craig: We’ll accept that. Nice job. It’s out now, “freddy vs. Jason.”
Great to see you again, young lady.

Kelly: You, too.

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