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Destiny’s Child star stopped by the Tonight Show on Tuesday night to talk about her new movie ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ to host Jay Leno. Rowland also talked about the history of the group and revealed her oldest boyfriend was 31, though wouldn’t say who she currently is dating. Read on for a rough transcript.

Jay: Welcome back. You kny next guest from destiny’s child as well
as a successful solo career. She’s currently starring in the movie “freddy
vs. Jason.” I hope she plays neither role. Much too cute for that. It opens
this friday. Please welcome the lovely kelly rowland.

[ Cheers and applause ] You look beautiful.

Kelly: Thank you.

Jay: How are you?

Kelly: I’m tired.

[ Laughter ] I’m so tired.

Jay: You’re tired?

Kelly: They got me running like —

Jay: Yeah?

Kelly: Yeah.

Jay: But that’s cool. That’s better than not working.

Kelly: You know, you’re right, you’re right.

Jay: ‘Cause I’ve been sort of reading your bio and stuff. You had kind
of an unusual childhood.

Kelly: Yeah.

Jay: Tell people a little about it, for those that don’t know.

Kelly: Basically, we — I’ve been in destiny’s child all of my life.
And of course, I started out in the group. And my mom’s job, she is a live-in
nanny, and basically, she didn’t have a lot of time to take me to rehearsals
and do her job at the same time. So I moved in with the knowles family.

Jay: Okay, but how old were you when this happened?

Kelly: 11 or 12.

Jay: Really? So this has been, like, planned —

Kelly: Yeah, since we were little kids. You know, we didn’t know —
I think more than anything, we were some hungry little kids, you know?
11 and 12 years old, like, “we want to — we want to sing, and we want
to perform.” And who knew that, you know, a of that — all of that hard
work would pay off. So we were really excited.

Jay: Okay, now, beyonce’s family, like, her dad was sort of the guy
that saw this vision, is that right?

Kelly: Yeah, yeah.

Jay: He figured — did he come up with the name, too?

Kelly: Yes, as a matter of fact, he did come up with the name.

Jay: So you take a bunch of little girls, 10, 11 years old, “all right,
we’re gonna make you all superstars.”

Kelly: No, no.

Jay: Is that how it works?

Kelly: No, that’s not really how it went down. Basically, what happened
was the group was already formed, and then I came into the group.

Jay: Oh, I see.

Kelly: Yes. And after that, the rest is history.

Jay: But you were 11 when you came in.

Kelly: Yeah, but we knew what we wanted.

Jay: Wow. Now, we have some early tapes.

Kelly: Oh, no.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Narrate what’s happening here.

Kelly: This is a mess.

Jay: Let’s take a look. Here you go. No, there you go.

Kelly: Do you see how bony I am? Oh, god, jay, no! Okay, I thought I
was a rapper. I was a rapper.

Jay: So in the backyard and —

[ Cheers and applause ]

Kelly: Yes. We were rehearsing on there. We were rehearsing really hard,
because of course, in those days, we were trying to get a record deal.
You know what I mean? So beyonce’s dad fought very, very hard to get us
to the point to where we are today. So hand clap for him.

[ Applause ]

Jay: The really frightening part, I was hosting the show when that happened.
That was like ’92, which is even more frightening to me.

Kelly: Why?

Jay: Well, because I’m old I guess.

[ Laughter ] I’m thinking, “when was that, ’78 or something?” I don’t
know why I think that in my mind.

Kelly: No.

Jay: ’92, that’s right. Now, you guys entered “star search.”

Kelly: Yes.

Jay: Was that with ed mcmahon? Was that the —

Kelly: Yes, that was when — yeah.

Jay: The original “star search.”

Kelly: Yeah. You know, it’s so funny, because he didn’t pronounce any
of our names correctly. He was like, “beyonsi, kili,” and all the rest
of the names. And were like, “huh?”

[ Laughter ] But before we went on-stage, of course, we did the performance
or whatever, we lost to a — I can’t say old, can I?

[ Jay makes cat noises ] Okay, we lost to a band that was older than

Jay: All bands were older than you. Nobody was younger. They’d be embryos
on the stage.

[ Laughter ]

Kelly: Oh, god.

Jay: Now, how did you take this? Was that your first big loss? ‘Cause
it seems like everything was sort of, like, a progression. It was doing
good. Then you go on tv — boom, you get knocked down.

Kelly: Yeah. That — oh, my.

Jay: Did that hurt?

Kelly: Did it hurt? We literallyod there, and they’re smiling, they’re,
like, basically saying, “you lost,” you know? So we go backstage, and we’re
like —

[ Sobbing ] It was the saddest thing you’ve ever seen though. As I remember
it, you know?

Jay: Then I read you recently lost another competition.

Kelly: What?

Jay: You know what I’m talking about?

Kelly: No.

Jay: The burping one.

Kelly: I did. Jason beat me — jason — justin really beat me on that.

Jay: Explain. What was this?

Kelly: It was — okay,etet me get my little —

Jay: Okay, now what do you have in there?

Kelly: This is — what is this?

Jay: I think that’s coca-cola?

Kelly: No, man, this is pepsi.

Jay: Oh, pepsi.

[ Laughter ]

Kelly: This is pepsi.

Jay: That’s the choice of the young generation. Now you’re gonna —
yorere gonna burp for us? Is that what it is?

Kelly: I’m going try.

Jay: Okay.

[ Laughter ] And you were beaten by justin timberlake. I say nothing
really says feminine more than this.

Kelly: Can I turn around?

Jay: Do whatever you want.

[ Burp ]

[ Laughter ]

Kelly: That’s disgusting.

[ Applause ]

Jay: You know something? I’m really glad you didn’t win that one. Yeah,
that would have sort changed things.

Kelly: Yeah, you know what? I was really — I had it all planned out
backstage. I was going to give a loud, monster burp and say, “in your face,
justin timberlake.” ‘Cause that’s what he did to me at the kids choice
awards. He said, ” your face, kelly rowland.”

Jay: Don’t burp in his face.

Kelly: I won’T.

Jay: Now, you also lost — you guys lost a record deal early on?

Kelly: Yes, we lost a record deal. That was another sad point, but the
good thing is that, you know —

Jay: But yostuck with it.

Kelly: We did. Exactly, we stuck with it. And we were just fighters.
For little kids, we just like — if we fell down, we got right back up
again, you know? We love to tell our stories to try to influence young
people, you know, if you have a dream and you want to reach whatever goals
you have, to keep going. You know, we got knocked down several times, and

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Are you dating anyone special?

Kelly: Am I dating anyone special? No, not at the moment. I don’t really
like to talk about —

Jay: Really?

Kelly: No. Now, I’ll tell you backstage, but —

Jay: You will?

Kelly: Yeah.

Jay: But it is nothing special? Ever dated an older guy?

Kelly: Yeah, I did.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: What’s the oldest guy you ever dated?

Kelly: The oldest guy I ever dated? Oh, my god.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: ‘Cause we just went through this with, you know, ashton going out
with demi, and she’s a little older. Have you ever dated an older guy?

Kelly: 31. He was 31.

Jay: 31? My car is 31 years old.

[ Laughter ]

Kelly: Well, you asked me if he was older.

Jay: Not that old.

Kelly: No, it’s not old at all.

Jay: Suppose, like, a band leader in his 40s?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Kelly: Kevin: Oh, god.

Jay: Am I doing it okay?

Kelly: Kevin: You’re doing good, jay. You’re doing good.

Kelly: You know what’s so sexy? A nice little band leader.

[ Audience oohs ] With a guitar in his hand over there. Yes, yes.


Kevin: Ain’t that little, kelly.

[ Laughter and applause ]

Kelly: Jay’s playing matchmaker up here.

Jay: Yeah, I think we’ve made a connection. Now tell us about your —
tell us about you movie. This is “freddy vs. Jason.”

Kelly: This is —

Jay: 20 years in the making. 20 years of scripts and rewrites getting
it exactly perfect.

Kelly: Yes. Wow, you put a lot of emphasis on that.

Jay: I did.

[ Laughter ] Did you watch all these movies when you were a kid?

Kelly: You know what? I did, but I gotta be honest with you, I was terrified
of scary films. I mean, brother used to go and watch it up inront tv room,
and I didn’t want to be there at all.

Jay: Okay, so now you’re in it. Now your brother can watch.

Kelly: Now I’m still scared.

Jay: Watch his sister get terrorized by fred and jason.

Kelly: Basically, but the good thing is that I cuss freddy out.

Jay: Yeah? Okay.

[ Light laughter ] All right, it’s “freddy vs. Jason.” It opens this

Kelly: Yes.

Jay: Kelly, thank you very much. Come back and see us again. Kelly rowland.

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