Kelly Rowland Visits TRL

Destiny’s Child star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to plug her new album ‘Simply Deep’, which dropped today. Kelly talked to Quddus about her debut film role in ‘Freddie Vs. Jason’, her hit collaboration with Nelly on ‘Dilemma’ — she denied she and Nelly were dating, she gave props to Avril Lavigne, and more. Read on for a transcript.

Quddus: Wanna show some love to the folks outside?

Kelly: Hi! Oh, hi! Happy day! Hi over there!

Kelly: Ha-ha.

Kelly: Oh, wow.

Quddus: It’s good to see you.

Kelly: You, too.

Quddus: Lookin’ good.

Kelly: Thank you.

Quddus: Congratulations ’cause your solo album hit shelves today.

Kelly: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Quddus: We’ll talk about that in a second but first I got to get a to
a question on everybody’s mind it’s about Nelly, I want to know the real deal about that. I got to ask because the lyrics in there sayin’ Nelly, I love you.


Kelly: No, but Nelly and I are not dating. I think people — y’all really
like the fact our names rhyme it goes so good together Kelly, Nelly but, no we are not dating, no.

[Crowd simultaneously] Ohhh.

Kelly: They sayin’ ahhh you need to be sayin’, yeah, that mean he single,
ladies, hello.

Quddus: True. How did the collaboration come about between you two?

Kelly: Uhm, actually it came together through a mutual friend, our manager,
and, uhm, Nelly was like, baby girl we gonna do this song today and I was like, I guess. First I didn’t really believe him. And I really didn’t believe in it into I got into the studio, we did the song. It’s so wonderful workin’ with Nelly, I love him so much like that’s my boy, my boy, very cool.

Quddus: Very you, mr. Ton nick make that

Kelly: Definitely. He is wonderful to work with. I definitely want to work
with him again, he’ll be here Friday.

Quddus: Thanks for being so nice and cleart right now you requests and
we’ll talk moreith Kelly, no. 10 Craig David “what’s your flava?”


Quddus: There goes Craig David “what’s your flava?” At no. 10. Now we’ll
talk about the next request Avril Lavigne “sk8er boi” at 9 down three spots. Her first video “complicated” getting a lot of votes on TRL for our 1,000th episode. What do you think about her.

Kelly: I love Avril Lavigne. I love my sk8er boi” that’s a hot song.

Quddus: What about her?

Kelly: She’s got this style needed in the music scene it’s different and new and hot she’s hot. You’re hot girl, you’re hot.

Quddus: Speaking of different the record you dropped today is a bit
different from what —

Kelly: It is a bit different from destiny’s child. I have to say I put all my influences on the album from r & b for rock and hip-hop even a little Sade I got in there she’s in her own gat koer, period but it sums up Kelly Rowland and it is out in stores today


Quddus: It’s cool. I got a chance to check it out.

Kelly: Thank You. Thank you

Quddus: while rec this album I’ cious to know if you wanted to get the
opinion of your fella D.C. Ladies.

Kelly: Yes. Of course when I’m in the studio but myself it was so different
because Beyonce and Michelle weren’t there with me. I remember I came — one of the sessions I came to a block in the road like ai’ight I don’t want to finish today, I just want to get give up. The girls called me how is it going I said I ran out of the session and they were like take your butt back let me hear it and they were like you crazy one when I was recording one of the party joints in the record so they loved. I got through this album because of their support. I’m so thankful for them I love Beyonce
and Michelle so much I love y’all wherever you are.

Quddus: e first is about troubled teenagers, a serious subject I don’t
think anybody was expecting to hear on a first single.

Kelly: Yeah.


[Talking simultaneously]

Kelly: Sorry.

Quddus: Go ahead. It’s all good.

Kelly: But basically what happened was there’s so many things goin’ on in our world today and we get so many fan letters and we read our fan mail and they talk about things they are going through and we see it every day on the news and this song was perfect for this time I know everybody is used to the party joints, y’all used to Craig David and used to Ashanti and want to hear Kelly and Nelly but this dealt with real serious issues. I hope I can inspire people with this song. So that’s it. I hope y’all
loved it, ha-ha.

Quddus: Your next request has taken a bit of a down side down 3 to no.
8 Good Charlotte right here for you guys “lifestyles of the rich & famous” and we’ll talk to more to Kelly in a minute


Quddus: The fellas of Good Charlotte at no. 8 that was at 5 yesterday.
Hilarie is outside with a fan in times square with a question for Kelly.

Kelly: Should I go over there.

Hillary: Thanks. Kelly so you know people are chantin’ your name sayin’
“Kelly, Kelly, they are freaks deek out I’m with a huge fan, melissa why such a huge fan.

Fan: She’s such an inspiration I’ve always wanted to be a performer
she always gives 110% to everything she does I love you.

Kelly: Thank you. I love you, too.

Hillary: Do we have this and at graphed C.D. From kelly, melissa it is yours you have a question for her.

Fan: Yeah, before I ask the question I just want to say you know Kelly
I love.

Kelly: Sing girl.

Fan: Yeah, baby I’ve heard rumors you are thinking about

[Inaudible] Are there plans for that time, soon.

Fan: Are you plans for you get into actin’.

Kelly: Yes, as a matter of fact I just did a movie “Freddie versus Jason” I’m not finished yet. It’s been so fan. The whole actin’ role is different.

Quddus: I’m sure a brilliant actor like everything else.

Quddus: Do you want to give us a little sample


Quddus: Yeah, I can see you in a horror flick.

Kelly: I got a wimpy scream. Jennifer Love Hewitt has an ear-piercing
scream and I’ve got this

[Screaming] But I tried


Kelly: Thank you so much. God bless you sweetie.

Fan: Thank you. I love you.

Kelly: Where are you from.

Fan: London, going back to night.

Kelly: I’ll see you soon, darlin’.

Fan: Bye.


[Talking simultaneously]

Quddus: Cool. We got to take a break right quick but this Destiny’s
Child ain’t goin’ nowhere we’ll hang with Kelly so stay put, TRL is comin’ back right after the break.


Quddus: Welcome back to TRL. 24 hours until TRL 1000 vote for your TRL
videos ever on mtv.Com and see if they make the big countdown tomorrow
now more with Kelly. You actually have been here a lot of times. D.C. Has
been a b part of trl.

Kelly: Yes. Yes.

Quddus: Actually your 7th appearance.

Kelly: They told me that I was like good godighty. That’s a lot. We want to thank you so much for havin’ us o trl.

Quddus:  Let’s take a look at actually one of your first appearances
on trl.

Kelly: Oh, gosh.

Quddus: Back in july of 1999.

Kelly: Carson: Congratulations gettin’ started so young from Houston
Texas were you playin’ together were you singin’ and like, hey, girl


Beyonce: Met kelly at elementary school and we all put together my father
started managein’ us and that’s how we became destiny’s child.

Quddus: You’ve come a long way, some somebody asked you t where you would be in three years is there where you saw yourself?

Kelly: No. You know what, I have to say, by the grace of god, by the
support system I have around me, the level that I was on that video camera and the level where I am right now I’ve grown tremendously and spiritually, vocally, creatively and I’m just glad to say that, you know what I mean. I think that I was kinda stuck in a kinda frame of mind where I was like I can’t do it but now I’m so free and it feels good to finally say that, yeah.

Quddus: You seem happy. Than you for comin’.

Kelly: Thank you. Thank you. You know I have so much fun being on the
show. I also want to plug our stylist Tina Knowles r book is out called Destiny’s style it has cooking, interior decorating even talkin’ about stylin’, you know, women stylin’ yourself and all that. I want to encourage everybody to pick it up it is really incredible.

Quddus: And they can pick up “simply deep” in stores right now.

Kelly: That’s right.

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