Kelly Rowland’s Miami Home Is Not In Foreclosure

Kelly Rowland shows some skin

’s publicist issued a statement in response to a report by an online gossip site, suggesting that the Destiny’s Child star has been attempting to sell her condo for over a year and is looking at a $500,000 loss on the property she paid a reported $1.9 million for in 2005, and that many in her position choose to foreclose. Though the item never said she was in foreclosure, the publicist stated: “Reports that ’s Miami home is in foreclosure are entirely false. Kelly has put her home up for sale because she is working and living in Europe.”

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4 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland’s Miami Home Is Not In Foreclosure

  1. pimp says:

    why she wait so long to put out a statement the girl is broke her and Michelle there both washed up backup singers

  2. Lovespreader says:

    Pimp is a hater. She has more money than you and your parents…….. How much is yours worth?

  3. pimp says:


  4. matt says:

    good so far so good Kelly Rowland 2012 congratulation you go so far

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