Keri Hilson And Family Cast Their Votes

Keri Hilson

documented her visit to the polls early Friday morning to vote in Atlanta, joined by her family. The R&B singer and her family made it clear they were all in support of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. “There will be drama from your mama if you don’t vote Obama,” Hilson said. The clip at MySpace has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Keri Hilson And Family Cast Their Votes

  1. danikah says:

    Hey Keri Hilson. I just wanna say I am your biggest fan.

  2. imari says:

    Hey Keri I love your music in can you give in your number?

  3. Asande says:

    Keri Hilson is one of the best RNB singers next too Ne-Yo. I’m sure that she will come out with a new single that will be great. I hope I’ll be in the music video as one of the backup dancers or something in the music video. LOVE YOU KERI

  4. lovely star says:

    Where is your cousin Kevin he told me your cousin and you wanted to see me one day and I want somewhere could you come to his house again on Monday

  5. shelaina says:

    Keri Hilson I am your biggest fan I just want you to know just keep up the good work

  6. bigdooly says:

    sexy lady

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