Keri Hilson Discusses ‘Turnin’ Me On Remix’ Controversy

Keri Hilson spoke with in a Q&A, asking the singer and songwriter if she could understand the belief she was taking shots at Beyonce and Ciara when the ‘Turnin’ Me On Remix’ came out. Hilson responded:

Absolutely. I was using somebody else’s lyrics and the word ‘she’ can be taken many ways. Any piece of art is subject to interpretation and I understand that music is no different. When a rapper uses someone else’s lyric, it’s like that was a hot line that so and so used, but when a girl does it, or when I do it, all of a sudden it means I was talking directly to who they’re considering as my competition when I don’t even see it that way. I see that there’s a place for all of us and I’m addressing what these people say about me on these blogs. I hear she’s a song writer but ain’t nothing special about her. She should just go marry an athlete and have some babies. But I do see where they got it from but that wasn’t the energy behind it.

The entire interview at has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Keri Hilson Discusses ‘Turnin’ Me On Remix’ Controversy

  1. T43$h@ says:

    1st love all Keri Hilson ain’t got no competition with Ciara because KERI Hilson couldn’t stand a chance with Ciara man Ciara can sit Keri down in a minute man I can sit her down and she better keep CiCi name out of her mouth.

  2. a.ROB says:

    Wow; So now she saying she was talking about herself ? When she said ‘to the left to the left’ making it be referred to Beyonce. I thought she was ‘okay’ until she made this little remix, don’t ever be a new person to the game who had one hit at the time and try to disrespect two people who have been down through the game for a long time. Keri came out with 3 singles which nobody ever knew about until your third one came out with Lil Wayne, then your label said , okay I think the fans will buy into her album, but you sold not even 100,000 the first week ? WOW

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