Keri Hilson Fumes Over Mobile Phone Memory Card Issues

Keri Hilson fingernails

checked in with her Twitter followers (@MissKeriBaby) earlier today, frustrated with her mobile phone after a switch of the shell somehow messed up her memory card. The 28-year-old singer writes:

Please tell me how its possible that switching the housing (shell) on my phone can result in losing ALL MY MEMORY?! Music, pics…GONE! GRR

If that company doesn’t bring my ish back somehow, I will put them on so much BLAST!!!!!!! I’m so sentimental. I need my pics, man. WTF

Did I mention he accomplished wiping out TWO phones while changing damn cases? My assistant’s phone is wiped out too. He did something wrong :(

Taking phones back…wish us luck. Or wish HIM luck *evil serious face*

So, the card itself wasn’t damaged! Was able to upload pics on my comp. *wipes forehead* but my phone still doesn’t recognize the card :/

Moral of the story: Back up anything you deem important on your phones—NOW!!!!!! Ya just never know. Close call…punk broke my ish.

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